WDYS — Bible Words

Mom and Dad encourage me to read the Bible and I love the wonderful stories in that book. But sometimes there are passages in the Bible that I find a little confusing, and Mom and Dad always tell me that I can ask them questions any time I don’t understand something.

One evening after dinner I was in my room reading the Bible and there was a term that I didn’t understand. Mom and Dad were in their bedroom, so I knocked on the door, but they didn’t answer. I knew they were in there because I could hear them breathing.

I turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. What I saw was jaw dropping. They were on the bed with no clothes on and Dad was doing push-ups on top of Mom. I gasped and Dad looked at me, pulled the bedsheets over the two of them, and asked me what I wanted. I said, “I’m sorry to interrupt your exercising, Dad, but there’s a word in the Bible that I don’t understand.”

“What word is that, son?” he asked.

“It’s begat,” I said. “B-e-g-a-t.”

Mom and Dad both burst out laughing. I’m still not sure why.

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See prompt. Photo credit: Ben White @ Unsplash.

The Longest Day

Today marks the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. And, in my neck of the woods, the hottest day of the year so far.

Yes, that’s right. 106°F

Well, the good news is that our power is still on, so the air conditioning is keeping us cool! And, starting tomorrow, the hours of sunlight will start getting, minute-by-minute, shorter.

Unfortunately, after today, the high temperatures will likely remain. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there won’t be power outages, but if there are, that our whole house generator will kick in, and that the air conditioner will continue to function.

Anyway, Happy Summer Solstice, everyone!

Truthful Tuesday — Holding a Grudge

Melanie, of Sparks from a Combustible Mind, is still filling in for Frank, aka PCGuy, who is taking a temporary hiatus from his Truthful Tuesday prompt. This week Melanie asks…

What’s your opinion of grudge holding?

My opinion of grudge holding? Well, a grudge is “a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.” My philosophy about grudges is fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I do believe in giving someone who disappointed or hurt me a second chance. Maybe even a third if the person is important to me. But beyond that, all bets are off.

Bottom line, though, if a person does something unforgivable to me more than once, that person will be out of my life forever. If that’s holding a grudge, so be it.

Fandango’s Story Starter #51

It’s time for my weekly Story Starter prompt. Here’s how it works. Every Tuesday morning (my time), I’m going to give you an incomplete “teaser” sentence and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build a story (prose or poetry) around that partial sentence. It doesn’t have to be the first sentence in your story, and you don’t even have to use it in your post at all if you don’t want to. The purpose of the teaser is simply to spark your imagination and to get your storytelling juices flowing.

This week’s Story Starter teaser is:

I was looking in your desk drawer for some photographs I thought might be there, but I was surprised to find…

If you care to write and post a story built from this teaser, be sure to link back to this post and to tag your post with #FSS. I would also encourage you to read and enjoy what your fellow bloggers do with their stories.

And most of all, have fun.

FOWC with Fandango — Disposition


It’s June 21, 2022. Welcome to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC). I will be posting each day’s word just after midnight Pacific Time (U.S.).

Today’s word is “disposition.”

Write a post using that word. It can be prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction. It can be any length. It can be just a picture or a drawing if you want. No holds barred, so to speak.

Once you are done, tag your post with #FOWC and create a pingback to this post if you are on WordPress. Please check to confirm that your pingback is there. If not, please manually add your link in the comments.

And be sure to read the posts of other bloggers who respond to this prompt. Show them some love.