Heat Advisory

My local forecast is calling for a heat advisory tomorrow, with extremely hot conditions and with daytime temperatures from the upper 90s to 105.

What can we do? The National Weather Service recommends that we drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors.

Or we can sing and dance!

Throwback Thursday — Money Matters

Maggie, at From Cave Walls, and Lauren, at LSS Attitude of Gratitude, alternate hosting Throwback Thursday. The idea of the prompt is for them to give us a topic and for us to write a post in which we share our own memories or experiences about the given topic. This week, Lauren asks us about our experience with money growing up.

Here are Lauren’s questions.

1) At what age do you remember handling your own money?

Handling my own money? Other than my weekly allowance, which was a meager $1, probably in my teens.

2) Did you have a piggy bank to add coins to?

More like a small, metal strongbox bank, similar to what is pictured below.

3) Did you get an allowance and/or get paid for doing chores?

Yes, I got $1/week plus a little extra for things like cutting the grass in the summer and shoveling the snow in the winter.

4) How did you earn money for things you wanted?
5) Did you have jobs outside your house to earn money? What did you do?

I grouped these two together because my answers are the same for both:

  • Newspaper delivery route
  • Cutting grass in the neighborhood (spring, summer, and fall)
  • Shoveling snow from driveways and sidewalks in the neighborhood (winter)

6) Were you more of a spender or a saver as a kid?

Unless I was saving up to buy something specific, I was more of a spender than a saver.

7) Were you aware of the financial situation your parents were raising you in?

I knew we weren’t rich. Both of my parents had to work, so I was a latchkey kid. I’d say we were probably lower middle-class.

8) Did you understand the difference between needs and wants when it came to asking your parents for things?

My parents made it very clear that they would handle my needs, but my wants were totally on me from my allowances and the money I made delivering newspapers, mowing lawns, and shoveling snow.

9) Did you ever “save up” for a special item that you wanted? What was it?

The first thing I recall saving up for was a transistor radio, similar to the one pictured below.

10) Did you have a savings account as a child?

Not that I recall. Most of my meager savings were kept in my little, red strongbox bank.

11) Was there anything you routinely spent your own money on when growing up?

Yes. Once a month I’d take my weekly allowances for the month, ride my bike to the town newspaper store, and buy superhero comic books and Fleet and/or Topps baseball cards.

The Honey Do List

“What’s this?” Frank asked his wife when she handed him the piece of paper.

“It’s my honey do list, sweetie,” Debbie said.

“Look at the size of this freakin’ list, Debbie,” Frank said. “I’ll be encumbered for the rest of my life trying to get through all of the tasks on this list of yours.”

“Oh honey, it should be a piece of cake for a resourceful man like you,” Debbie said.

“Well, thank you for this nifty little list of yours that will keep me occupied for years while you sit around on your fat ass buying crap on the Home Shopping Network,” Frank grumbled.

“Oh stop being such a gnarly old fuddy-duddy,” Debbie said. “You need to learn to relax and to just go with the flow, Frank.”

“Being married to you requires the patience of a saint,” Frank said.

“But Frank, I’m such an angel to you, don’t you think, sweetheart?” Debbie said.

Frank looked at his wife and then down at the list that he was holding. “What I think, Debbie, is better left unsaid.”

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (list), Ragtag Daily Prompt (encumbered), My Vivid Blog (cake/resourceful), Your Daily Word Prompt (nifty), The Daily Spur (network), Word of the Day Challenge (gnarly/flow), and E.M.’s Random Word Prompt (saint). Also for Jim Adams’ Wednesday Thoughts prompt, where the theme is “better left unsaid.”

FOWC with Fandango — Ring


It’s June 9, 2022. Welcome to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC). I will be posting each day’s word just after midnight Pacific Time (U.S.).

Today’s word is “ring.”

Write a post using that word. It can be prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction. It can be any length. It can be just a picture or a drawing if you want. No holds barred, so to speak.

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