Fibbing Friday — On Saturday

Frank (aka PCGuy) and Di (aka Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts for Fibbing Friday, a silly little exercise where we are to write a post with our answers to the ten questions below. But as the title suggests, truth is not an option. The idea is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly, or even outrageous, in our responses. This week was Frank’s turn, but he’s MIA, so Di stepped up and she wants to know…

1. What did the couch say to the toilet? Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.

2. What caused the last traffic jam in town? An accident causing a truckload of fresh strawberries to be spilled in the street.
3. What really powers the Internet? Egos.
4. What is really between Trump’s ears? Orange marmalade.
5. What is in the heart of Africa? Ebola
6. What was the last meal eaten in the Garden of Eden? A bowl of Apple Jacks cereal.

7. Who built the pyramids in the Yucatan? The Yucatanians.
8. What is the highest form of flattery? A reblog.
9. Speakeasies were not secret bars, what were they? FBI interrogation rooms.
10. Alcatraz isn’t a prison, what is it really? A tourist attraction in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.
11. What is in hamburger? A ménage-à-trois involving pigs.
12. What is the real question and answer to number #12? What comes between 11 and 13 and is divisible by the numbers 2, 3, 4, and 6?

17 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday — On Saturday

    • Fandango May 7, 2022 / 10:16 pm

      Actually, that’s the truth. Alcatraz is now big tourist attraction. It closed as a prison in 1963.


      • donmatthewspoetry May 7, 2022 / 10:50 pm

        I went there a long time ago. I have an interest in exploring old things and imagining what life used to be inside the walls…. you’ve probably been there yourself

        Built as a fortress to protect San Francisco Bay, Birdman was a bird breeder but kept no birds there, this is the cell Al Capone was kept in (really?), vague memories of riot damage to roof….. fascinating place and history

        As said before San Francisco – a magic place….

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  1. Carol anne May 11, 2022 / 5:12 pm

    I loved your answer to the africa question!
    And the flatter one too! x

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