Don’t Be a Wannabe

Some say I have a reputation for being irascible. But what makes me seem to be so irritable is my wonderment at those who have the skills to achieve an unexpected milestone and my frustration that they have the potential for greatness, yet lack the impetus to even try to emanate accomplishments like those who went before them.

It’s such a waste, but that’s the choice they made as they hurl themselves into the dusty heap of lazy, high potential, low achieving wannabes.

Written for these daily prompts from yesterday: The Daily Spur (reputation), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (irascible), Word of the Day Challenge (wonderment), E.M.’s Random Word Prompt (milestone), Ragtag Daily Prompt (impetus), Your Daily Word Prompt (emanate), and My Vivid Blog (dusty).

9 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Wannabe

    • Fandango March 28, 2022 / 6:58 am

      Thank you, Carol Anne.


  1. Gr8BigFun March 28, 2022 / 7:46 am

    We’ve all been a wannabe at some point, unfortunately some of us have a not so unique ability to turn it into an art form! Nice succinct use of multiple prompt words.

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  2. Nope, Not Pam March 28, 2022 / 11:55 am

    Sometimes I’d like to just sit and be a wannabe. Always doing stuff to achieve your goal is exhausting

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  3. newepicauthor March 28, 2022 / 12:47 pm

    This reminded me of that saying, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.”

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  4. Marleen March 28, 2022 / 1:46 pm

    I bought some “dusty iris” undergarments a couple weeks ago. Now available (the other color being sold out) is “bright lavender” — maybe I should’ve waited to get the better labeling. In that same period of time, I had a discussion (beginning while enjoying a Thai restaurant) with my second-youngest son about my youngest. For whatever reason, their dad (who is outstanding at his “job” so to speak or employment for money) is not good at guiding children (not even his own sons). My youngest son ended up joining the army years ago (which time, thank goodness, is over now) right after high school — although going to college too — and falling into debt (which their dad would well know is a likelihood while being in the armed forces but couldn’t access any internal motivation to communicate preventively or address curatively with a bigger picture). I’m so proud of my second-youngest son, who has put together a plan for my youngest to get out of debt.

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    • Marleen March 28, 2022 / 2:47 pm

      Proverbs 19:18 ESV

      Discipline your son, for there is hope; do not set your heart on putting him to death.

      I see “the Bible” or the variety of books in versions of bibles anthropologically. When we see odd things like the above, it is indicative of lesser-evolved humanity. There is a verse (I recall and) I was looking for, but haven’t yet found (I think in psalms or proverbs), that says grown and wise offspring is the pride of his father. And badly-grown offspring is the shame of the mother.

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