Fibbing Friday — What is a What?

Frank (aka PCGuy) and Di (aka Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts for Fibbing Friday, a silly little exercise where we are to write a post with our answers to the ten questions below. But as the title suggests, truth is not an option. The idea is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly, or even outrageous, in our responses. Today is Di’s turn and she wants to know…

  1. What is a humdinger? It’s a mixed drink made with rum and Drambuie liqueur.
  2. What is Hopscotch? It’s a brand of non-alcoholic Scotch whiskey.
  3. What is Boeuf Bourguignon? He was a French silent movies star.
  4. What is a Lady In Waiting? She’s someone who had arranged to meet a guy via an online dating app at a coffee shop and he’s late, so she’s sitting there looking around and anxiously waiting for him to show up.
  5. What is a lupin? It’s a variety of bowling, like tenpin, duckpin, and candlepin, but with a different sized pins and balls.
  6. What is brimstone? It’s a natural, fire-resistant stone that is used to make backyard fire pits.
  7. What is a Lady’s Slipper? It’s a high-heeled slipper.
  8. How long can a snail sleep? Trick question. Snails don’t sleep at all.
  9. Up to 1 trillion germs can be found on which part of the body? Under the fingernails.
  10. What is a Puffling? It’s a brand of fabric softener.

9 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday — What is a What?

  1. Lauren March 18, 2022 / 9:30 pm

    I’ll take the stand and swear that these are truthful answers. LOL

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  2. leigha66 April 18, 2022 / 7:23 pm

    Another good round of fibs… snails don’t sleep, a game like tenpin, and a high heeled slipper. Love ’em all!

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