Three Fibbing Friday Additions

In today’s Fibbing Friday prompt, Di (aka Pensitivity101), gave us ten unusual words and asked us to come up with our own definitions of those words. My definitions are here.

Coincidentally (perhaps), three of the daily word prompts today also seem to be unusual weird words:

  • Poltroon from Ragtag Daily Prompt.
  • Pismire from Word of the Day Challenge.
  • Vesicle from E.M.’s Random Word Prompt.

Normally I take the prompt words from five to eight bloggers who host these daily prompts and try to weave them into a tight, cohesive bit of flash fiction. But to be frank, these three weird words are words that I’d never heard of before and I have absolutely no clue how I might come up with a story that incorporates these words into it without it sounding totally contrived.

So, instead, I have decided to follow Di’s Fibbing Friday lead and come up with my own definitions for these weird words.

  • Poltroon: In the U.S. Army, the poltroon is the small group of men who are responsible for raising and lowering the American flag on the flagpole each day. The bugler plays Reveille when the flag is raised each morning and Taps when it is lowered each evening by the designated poltroon member of the day.
  • Pismire: This is the name for a severe urinary tract infection that causes excruciating pain when you try to take a leak.
  • Vesicle: This is a brand name of a manufacturer of electric bicycles.

How about you? How would you define these three unusual or weird words?

13 thoughts on “Three Fibbing Friday Additions

  1. lssattitudeofgratitude February 4, 2022 / 9:55 am

    Poltroon is a place where chickens are taken before they are “dressed”.
    Pismire is a new tictoc actvity where teens take pictures of themselves peeing on mirrors.
    Vesicle is is a new way to eat ice cream. You inject it directly into your stomach to avoid brain freeze.

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    • Fandango February 4, 2022 / 11:54 am

      Thanks, Di. I hope you didn’t mind my piggybacking off of yours.


  2. bushboy February 4, 2022 / 2:11 pm

    You took the poltroons way out this time Fandango 😂

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  3. emkingston February 5, 2022 / 12:40 am

    *snickers* 😀 That was a very creative way to use the weird words, Fandango!

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  4. leigha66 February 12, 2022 / 12:51 am

    Good additions to your Fibbing Friday post.

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