Truthful Tuesday — Homework

Frank, aka PCGuy, has published another one of his Truthful Tuesday posts. This week Frank wants to know…

Do (or did) you work in a non-traditional work environment (work-at-home, travel, etc.), and do (or did) you enjoy it? If you don’t (or didn’t), do you think you would have liked the opportunity to do so?

I’m retired now. Before I retired at the end of 2016, my job required a lot of travel, so I got used to working away from the office. I would work at a client’s site, in a hotel room, at the airport, or at a coffee shop. Basically wherever I could find a plug for my laptop and a decent WiFi connection.

Back in 2008, the company I worked for, a software and services firm specializing in human resources, payroll, and benefits administration solutions, implemented what it called “home-shoring” to employees in sales and support roles. We could work from home and rarely have to go to the office.

I was fortunate to have a room at my home that I could designate as a home office. The company provided us home-shorers with ergonomic office furniture, a company laptop with a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN), and a color laser printer. It reimbursed us for a landline and for a smartphone and for our selected internet service provider (ISP) and WiFi connection. And we had all of the software we could ever need, and then some. Basically everything we needed to do our jobs as effectively from home as we did from the office was provided.

Did I enjoy working from home? You bet your sweet bippy I did. What was there not to love? My commute was a few seconds. I could work in my pajamas if I wanted to. I could have my conference calls with team members and with clients and prospects, participate video calls and conduct product demos and training via WebEx (a behind-the-firewall, Zoom-Like video conferencing app). There was nothing that I couldn’t do from my home office that I could do at my work office.

Between 2008 and 2016, when I retired, I would periodically get calls from headhunters about other job opportunities. My first question that I would ask these recruiters was, “Could I work from home full-time?” If their answer was no, my answer to them was also no.

So, bottom line, I absolutely loved working in what Frank calls a “non-traditional work environment.”

7 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday — Homework

  1. Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris February 1, 2022 / 11:22 am

    Hi and thank you for the prompt. I’m 63 now and on disability. However, I never had a job that I enjoyed. Sometimes the actual work was rewarding when I could relieve a patient of overwhelming debt by going after their insurance companies for nonpayment and/or noncompliance, but the work environment for me was intolerable. Working from home was never an option for me but I would have loved it. I’m on the high spectrum of Autism, Aspergers; so that would have worked well for me.

    What I always longed to do (and still do if my health permitted) was to major in Wild Animal Conservation. It would have meant college, vet school and more. Sadly, I did not have the opportunity so now I live vicariously through the PBS, Discovery Channel and the Nature channels. Tim Faulkner and the Bondi vet crew are my hero’s as are the Irwin’s!

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  2. Marleen February 1, 2022 / 9:35 pm

    Every day’s a party.

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  3. Taswegian1957 February 2, 2022 / 2:46 am

    I spent most of my working life as a cleaner, cleaning trains and later cleaning hotels rooms. Sadly you can’t do that from home.

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    • Fandango February 2, 2022 / 10:25 am

      That is very true.


  4. leigha66 February 8, 2022 / 2:58 pm

    I helped my mother-in-law do accounting from her home for a grain company. We would often work at night after I worked my part-time job. It was a very relaxed fun environment, especially when we had to work on New Years Eve… often with a little wine for celebrating. Ha, ha!

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