The Landscape Dilemma

“One doesn’t quibble about fees in front of others,” Tina said, “at least not around polite company. That’s an insensitive thing to do.”

“I’m not quibbling, haggling, or chaffering with you about fees, Tina,” Stan said. “I am simply refusing to pay you.”

“Well that perplexes me,” Tina said. “You signed a contract that you’d pay me my fee upon delivery. I delivered, so pay up.”

“You call yourself a landscape designer, but your design, if you can even call it that, is garbage. It’s a fucking disaster.”

“I glean from what you’re saying that you’re not happy with my design,” Tina calmly said. “Let’s talk about what you don’t like about it.”

“All you did was plant stalk after stalk if bamboo all around the yard,” Stan said. “Do you know how invasive bamboo is? Basically your plan is to turn my backyard into a bamboo forest.”

“True, but it’s drought resistant, environmentally friendly, and economical,” Tina said, a smug look in her face.

“Tina, the reason I engaged you in the first place was because my yard was overrun with bamboo,” Stan said, “Since all you did in your design was to add more bamboo, it’s worthless. I’m not paying you for that.”

“Well, fine,” Tina said, “but can I count on you to give me a good review on Yelp?”

Written for these daily prompts: Scott’s Daily Prompt (polite company), My Vivid Blog (insensitive), The Daily Spur (designer), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (disaster), Word of the Day Challenge (glean), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (stalk).

16 thoughts on “The Landscape Dilemma

    • Fandango January 15, 2022 / 10:46 pm

      Thanks, Judy.


    • Fandango January 15, 2022 / 10:46 pm

      Some probably do!


  1. Marleen January 15, 2022 / 9:34 pm

    He’d win in court, at least a fair one; at least, if he has pictures from before.

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  2. Nope, Not Pam January 16, 2022 / 1:17 am

    I have so had this conversation 😖

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  3. Lou Carreras January 16, 2022 / 8:36 am

    I’ve heard similar sorts of requests for good reviews from contractors.

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  4. leigha66 January 16, 2022 / 8:45 pm

    It all comes down to the review now a days.

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