Friday Fictioneers — Purpose in Retirement

After forty years toiling for the company, Ned, having reached age 65, was forced into retirement. Ned wasn’t ready to retire, but no one would hire a senior citizen, so he wandered the streets looking for something to strike his fancy.

He happened upon a small storefront in Chinatown with a covered patio in front. He stepped inside to see a handful of people painting beautiful, colorful pictures of plants and birds.

A small Asian woman approached Ned and asked him if he’d like to take lessons. “I would,” Ned said, pleased to have found purpose in retirement.

(100 words)

Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers prompt. Photo credit: Brenda Cox.


Whoever heard of such words?
What nature of jargon are they?
I don’t want to create a tempest in a teapot,
But such words throw me into a morass.
I try to respond to these daily word prompts
As best I can.
I attempt to craft stories around the chosen words
That will entice readers
To visit my world of imagination.
But then little known, rarely used words
Show up in my reader
Like the many arches
In a mind blowing Escher print.
And I am thrown for a loss.
Do these premiere prompters
Who give us daily inspiration
Lack compassion
For the plight of us responders
When they toss us such words?


Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (oorie), Word of the Day Challenge (errantry), E.M’s Random Word Prompt (jargon), JusJoJan (tempest), Your Daily Word Prompt (morass), The Daily Spur (arch), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (premiere), and My Vivid Blog (compassion).

Fibbing Friday — Potpourri of Whats

Frank (aka PCGuy) and Di (aka Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts for Fibbing Friday, a silly little exercise where we are to write a post with our answers to the ten questions below. But as the title suggests, truth is not an option. The idea is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly, or even outrageous, in our responses. Today is Di’s turn and she wants to know…

1. What is meant by jumping bail?

It’s a game a lot of college students play where they drill holes in small rowboats and then jump in them and start bailing water before they sink. Whoever keeps their boat afloat before it goes under is the winner.

2. What is a skipping rope?

It’s when there is a rope barrier to keep people in line and someone skips over it to get a better place in line.

3. What is a sickly hue?

It’s the name of a paint color that is a combination of puke green and bile yellow.

4. What is cooking the books?

It’s what happens when the cookbook you’re using gets too close to the flame on your gas stove and catches fire.

5. What is a microwave?

It’s the tiny, delicate wave of the hand that Queen Elizabeth uses when she’s waving to the crowd from her carriage.

6. What is meant by passing the buck?

In the animal kingdom, it’s when a female deer (doe) rejects the advances of a male deer (buck).

7. What are air kisses?

It’s a bag of chocolate kisses that are shot at the crowd at a sporting event using a T-shirt cannon.

8. What is meant by shooting one’s mouth off?

It’s what happens when someone in the crowd gets hit in the mouth by a bag of chocolate kisses shot from a T-shirt launcher.

9. What does a dentist do?

It’s a suction device that is used to pop small dents from cars.

10. What is a ruff?

It’s the name of Dennis the Menace’s dog.