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For her weekly Blogging Insights prompts, Dr. Tanya provides us with a quote about blogging or writing and asks us to express our opinion about said quote.

This week’s quote seems to me to be another fortune cookie-like quote:

I don’t agree with this quote that nothing worth doing is ever easy. I object to the words “nothing” and “ever.” I think there are some things worth doing that are easy. Or at least, aren’t that hard.

Maybe I’ve led a charmed life, but most of the things that I considered worth doing came fairly easily to me. Or maybe that’s because I decided somewhere along the way that if something didn’t come easily to me, it probably wasn’t worth my doing it. Yeah, that just might be the case.

But since this prompt is supposed to be focused on writing and blogging, let me respond in that specific context. I always felt that I was a decent writer and that writing was pretty easy for me. I was also fairly computer savvy back in the day, so when I first started blogging in 2005, I was able to figure my way around the mechanics of blogging platforms (first Blogger, then TypePad, and then WordPress) fairly easily.

Well, until WordPress foisted the block editor on us. I resisted the block editor for a long time because it was different and, in my opinion, difficult. But ultimately I gave in and decided that I either had to embrace the block editor or leave WordPress (or stop blogging altogether). And once I made that decision, I found that it wasn’t so bad and now I can’t imagine going back to the classic editor again. Who knew?

11 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — Piece of Cake

  1. Paula Light December 20, 2021 / 7:20 am

    I feel the same about blogging. It’s easy and I enjoy it… thus, worth doing!

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  2. CARAMEL December 20, 2021 / 9:00 am

    I read that last paragraph twice. I was so afraid you were going to give up blogging on WordPress because of the block editor. I am so glad you stuck with it.

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  3. animar64 December 20, 2021 / 11:39 am

    I belonged to a writing group that switched from Blogger to WordPress. Then we started to work with Youtube- etc. There were a lot of growing pains, but I’m glad that we took those steps because social media is always throwing us curveballs. I have a plug in for my main blog so I still use classic editor, but I work on other blogs and have to switch to the block style. I like moving from one to the other because I feel like it keeps me in tune with different formats and if I have to use one more then the other, I’m fine with it.

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    • Fandango December 20, 2021 / 10:09 pm

      How do you manage multiple blogs? I have one and I can barely manage to keep that going.

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      • animar64 December 21, 2021 / 10:35 am

        I post date stories – so I can work on things at one blog and date them out or late release. That way I don’t have to sit down and write things for multiple blogs. Plus when you do that it’s easy to repeat yourself.

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  4. drtanya@saltedcaramel December 22, 2021 / 9:36 am

    Hmmm, I need to stop using these fortune cookie quotes.
    Continuing the metaphor, when I first started blogging it was no cake walk. Although writing has always come easily to me, the tech part was difficult to learn but definitely worth the effort.

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  5. Carol anne February 13, 2022 / 8:43 am

    Wow! You’ve mastered that darn block editor? Awesome! I post via email, so dont have to worry about it. For now, anyway!

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