TMP — Wildlife

Every Monday, Paula Light, with her The Monday Peeve prompt, gives us an opportunity to vent or rant about something that pisses us off.

Since we moved from the city to suburbia in early 2020, we have been plagued by wildlife destroying our plants and yard. We’ve got deer eating the leaves off of our trees and plants, destroying many of them. We’ve had gophers and moles building tunnels and poking holes all over our lawn. And now this:

Last night a whole litter of baby raccoons crossed my driveway and invaded my front yard.

Sheesh, we should never have left the city for the burbs.

Share Your World — 11/29/2021

Melanie is doing her Evil Squirrel thing again for this week’s Share Your World thing. She and the Squirrel want to know…

If you had the power to strike one person in your life permanently speechless, who would it be?

Donald Trump.

If you could relive your childhood over again, what’s one thing from this modern world today you’d want to take back with you?

My iPhone. Yeah, I know that no one else would have a cell phone and the internet wasn’t around back then, but I’d still have games and my notes app and my camera.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple are the standard colors of the rainbow.
Name something you love (or greatly admire/appreciate) for all six major colors of the rainbow! (Sorry indigo, you’re just blue-purple. Hot pink? You’re too flashy!)

Are we supposed to name something we love with all six colors or something we love for each of the six colors? For the former, I’m going with rainbow-colored, cannabis-infused gummies. For the latter:

  • Red: red M&Ms, which are especially beautiful and delicious after eating a cannabis-infused gummy.
  • Orange: my 1967 bright orange Camaro. (No, I no longer have that car.)
  • Yellow: a yellow ribbon tied around an old oak tree.
  • Green: my 1964 British Racing Green MGB. (And no, I no longer have that car either.)
  • Blue: my blue jeans.
  • Purple: purple mountain majesties.

If you were to open the world’s most accurate fortune cookie, what would your fortune inside it read?

Santa’s tired of people leaving him out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve night! If you really wanted to get on Santa’s good side, what would you leave out for him to eat/drink instead?

A one-year’s paid membership to Weight Watchers. He’s already too fat and those milk and cookies treats are going to kill him.

Blogging Insights — Fortune Cookie

For her weekly Blogging Insights prompts, Dr. Tanya provides us with a quote about blogging or writing and asks us to express our opinion about said quote.

This week’s quote is unattributed.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.”

I’m sorry, but this quote sounds like something you might find inside a fortune cookie.

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #146

Welcome to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week I will be posting a photo I grab off the internet and challenging bloggers to write a flash fiction piece or a poem inspired by the photo. There are no style or word limits.

The photo below is from

For the visually challenged writer, the image shows a young girl carrying a lantern through the snow and she is heading toward a log cabin at the edge of a forest.

If this week’s image inspires you and you wish to participate, please write your post, use the tag #FFFC, and link back to this post. I hope it will generate some great posts.

Please create a pingback to this post or manually add your link in the comments.

FOWC with Fandango — Haughty


Welcome to November 29, 2021 and to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC). I will be posting each day’s word just after midnight Pacific Time (U.S.).

Today’s word is “haughty.”

Write a post using that word. It can be prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction. It can be any length. It can be just a picture or a drawing if you want. No holds barred, so to speak.

Once you are done, tag your post with #FOWC and create a pingback to this post if you are on WordPress. Please check to confirm that your pingback is there. If not, please manually add your link in the comments.

And be sure to read the posts of other bloggers who respond to this prompt. You will marvel at their creativity.