Who Won the Week — 11/21/2021

The idea behind Who Won the Week is to give you the opportunity to select who (or what) you think “won” this past week. Your selection can be anyone or anything — politicians, celebrities, athletes, authors, bloggers, your friends or family members, books, movies, TV shows, businesses, organizations, whatever.

I will be posting this prompt on Sunday mornings (my time). If you want to participate, write your own post designating who you think won the week and why you think they deserve your nod. Then link back to this post and tag you post with FWWTW.

This week’s Who Won the Week Winner is Self-Defense. Well, actually it’s white supremacist and far-right militia groups and vigilantes who won the week. Such groups were essentially given a free pass to come to protests and demonstrations armed with semiautomatic rifles and to shoot protesters and to claim they did it in self-defense.

Spurred on by white militia groups, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse traveled from his home in Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin to allegedly protect the property of people he had never met and did not know. Rittenhouse took an AR-15-style weapon to a demonstration where he had no reason to believe that any of the demonstrators would be armed.

He opened fire and murdered two demonstrators and wounded another. At his trial, he tearfully claimed that he was defending himself and that he was scared for his life.

Just 15 days before the shooting, Rittenhouse was caught on camera saying he wanted to shoot looters outside of a CVS store. And immediately after pleading not guilty, he went to a bar, drank beer, posed for pictures with Proud Boys, and flashed white power symbols.

Does that sound like a remorseful kid who was in fear for his life? Does that sound like he acted in self-defense? And yet the jury inexplicably found Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges.

So congratulations to all white supremacists and right-wing militia groups. You may now feel free to move about the country and shoot peaceful protesters and demonstrations with impunity using your assault-like weapons and then claim you were scared and you were defending yourselves.

What about you? Who (or what) do you think won the week?

16 thoughts on “Who Won the Week — 11/21/2021

  1. Marleen November 21, 2021 / 12:25 pm

    I don’t listen to this presenter’s show, but the headline got me to pay attention. On regular news, I saw it mentioned, in passing, that the guy who got killed had just gotten out of jail — it wasn’t said for what or much else about him or what he’d done that night.

    Rittenhouse Attacker Had A DARK Criminal History… · 5 hours ago

    I recommend the first thirteen minutes. This context doesn’t make Rittenhouse a good guy or simple kid or somone who should’ve been there with a gun. But the guy who got killed wasn’t anywhere near like a plain old protester.

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    • annieasksyou November 21, 2021 / 4:01 pm

      Marleen, Joseph Rosenbaum was a seriously mental ill person who attacked Rittenhouse with a plastic bag. If Rittenhouse hadn’t sauntered down the street with his huge gun, no one would have been killed.

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    • Fandango November 21, 2021 / 5:48 pm

      I would hope so, although one can follow both a trail and a trial. 😉


  2. JT Twissel November 21, 2021 / 3:05 pm

    I’m so tired of that kid’s face. It’s disgusting that he’s being given any attention at all.

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    • Fandango November 21, 2021 / 5:36 pm

      Oh, he’s got it made. He’s going to be on Tucker Carlson’s FOX News show and he’s going to be raking in the big bucks. He’s a hero to the right wing white supremacists and militia groups.


  3. annieasksyou November 21, 2021 / 3:56 pm

    I can’t “like” this because it was so horrific. Just shows how screwed up our justice system is: when “self defense” can gain an acquittal for a dopey, weak kid whose actions made disaster the likely outcome. He’s making a lot of money on all this, and I’d like to see the victims’ families sue his mother for a large sum. She, after all, drove her underage son across state lines with an illegal weapon.

    To me, the brilliant and tireless and dedicated Nancy Pelosi won the week for the children of America. I believe we will have legislation by the end of the year that provides universal pre-K and child care coverage—and a good investment in climate control, and much more. It’s now clear that she’s been working not only to hold together her fractious caucus, but to bring along Manchin and Sinema as well. I’m betting on Nancy and Joe!

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    • Fandango November 21, 2021 / 5:32 pm

      Yes, good job Nancy. But I’m going to wait until I see what happens in the Senate before I celebrate.


    • Marleen November 21, 2021 / 8:31 pm

      His mother certainly shouldn’t get off free of any criminal or parentally negligent consequences. That’s a bad mom (as well as bad person).

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  4. leigha66 December 16, 2021 / 12:39 am

    It still leaves me shaking my head to think this was the outcome. Down right disgusting!

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