Fibbing Friday — Stories

Frank (aka PCGuy) and Di (aka Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts for Fibbing Friday, a silly little exercise where we are to write a post with our answers to the ten questions below. But as the title suggests, truth is not an option. The idea is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly, or even outrageous, in our responses. Today is Di’s turn to host and here are her questions.

1. Where will you find a pushme-pullyou?

A rugby match.

2. What is meant by the term ‘chocolate box’?

A box in which chocolate candies come. Duh!

3. Who lived in the house made with gingerbread, cake, and pastries?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

4. Where will you find Mr Stay Puft?

On the label on the bottle of fabric softener on top of the washing machine.

5. Where will you find The Hallelujah Mountains?

In the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

6. What did Gru intend to steal with the Shrink Ray?

Russia’s GRU intended to steal the 2020 U.S. presidential election for Donald Trump, just as it had successfully stolen the 2016 election for him.

7. Going back a long way, what was ‘Baby’ in the 1938 film “Bringing Up Baby?”

A grown man suffering from paraphilic infantilism, a sexual fetish that involves role-playing a regression to an infant-like state.

8. Who played the drums in The Muppets?

Charlie Watts. What? Too soon?

9. What magical instrument did Sparky play?

A Moog synthesizer.

10. What did ‘Andy’ have waxed in The 40 Year Old Virgin?

His ear canals.

10 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday — Stories

  1. Maggie August 27, 2021 / 9:01 am

    Great answers, but the Watts reference might be a little too early.

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    • Melanie B Cee August 27, 2021 / 11:37 am

      I agree Di! I was all “OH MY HECK!! MY EYES MY EYES!!” because I’ll NEVER un-see that…. Ugh! 😉

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  2. Melanie B Cee August 27, 2021 / 11:38 am

    Too funny. Now someone ‘splain to me about Charlie Watts. I know he played something and I know (presume) he dropped dead. Um?

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    • Melanie B Cee August 27, 2021 / 11:39 am

      OH! He was THAT Charlie Watts. I thought those guys had some Dorian Grey-esque pact with the devil or something and would NEVER die. O_o

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    • Fandango August 27, 2021 / 1:11 pm

      He was the drummer for The Rolling Stones who died a few days ago at 80.

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  3. leigha66 September 10, 2021 / 3:02 pm

    Ooh, the things I cannot unsee… add number 7 to that list.

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