#WDYS — The Bust

Dimitri was thrilled that he had finally finished his latest ice cream carving that he’d been working on for hours. It was in the shape of a man’s head and it resembled some of the great busts from the artisans of ancient Rome. He excitedly called all of his family in to see it before he moved it to the freezer to keep it from melting before the next day’s competition.

His parents and his younger siblings were duly impressed that such a beautiful work of art could be created from a block of vanilla ice cream and they all congratulated Dimitri on his accomplishment.

Dimitri excused himself for a moment to get his camera so he could take photographs of the bust to take with him to the competition. He had been gone for barely five minutes when he entered the room and saw something that truly horrified him.

“What have you done, Alexander?” he shouted at his ten year old younger brother. “You have destroyed everything.”

“What?” Alexander said. “What have I done that has so enraged you, brother?”

“Fool,” Dimitri said. “You have poured chocolate sauce all over my ice cream sculpture and it is ruined.”

“But brother,” Alexander said, “you have always taught me that the only way to eat plain vanilla ice cream is when it is covered in hot fudge.”

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See prompt.

TMP — The Waiting Game

Every Monday, Paula Light, with her The Monday Peeve prompt, gives us an opportunity to vent or rant about something that pisses us off. Well, my peeve today is going to be short, but not so sweet.

Don’t you hate it when a contractor has agreed to show up on a specific day and time to do whatever work you hired him to do, so you put your day on hold waiting for the contractor to show up, but then he never shows up?

No call saying he’ll be late or something came up and he can’t make it. Nada! So you call and text him, wanting to know where he is and when — or if — he’s gonna show up. But he doesn’t respond to your calls or texts.

That really chaps my ass.

Share Your World — 07/19/21

Here are Melanie’s Share Your World questions for this week.

Are justice and the law necessarily the same thing?

This must be one of Melanie’s silly questions. If justice and the law were the same, then Donald Trump, his three adult children, Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and a whole host of other Trump enablers and sycophants who have promoted Trump’s The Big Lie would be behind bars.

Which kitchen appliance do you use every day?

My grind and brew coffee maker, of course.

What is one thing you’ll never do again?

Probably fly. When I was working, I flew nearly three million miles for my job — and no, I wasn’t a pilot or a flight attendant. I haven’t set foot in a plane since I retired at the end of 2016, and as far as I’m concerned, if I never have to fly again, it will be too soon.

What event escalated very quickly?

The Donald Trump inspired January 6th insurrection attempt on the Capitol Building. I expected there to be protests from the MAGA mob, but I never expected the bloodthirsty violence and the attempt to lay siege to the seat of our country’s government.

Blogging Insights — Not Rocket Science

Dr. Tanya has decided to change things up a bit for her weekly Blogging Insights prompt. Instead of using the Q&A format, she’s going to provide us with a quote about blogging or writing and ask us to express our opinion about said quote.

Here’s the first one:

“Blogging is not rocket science. It’s about being yourself and putting what you have into it.”

I agree that blogging is not rocket science. That said, I do think blogging does require proficiency at brain surgery.

Think about that for a moment. 🤔

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #127

Welcome to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week I will be posting a photo I grab off the internet and challenging bloggers to write a flash fiction piece or a poem inspired by the photo. There are no style or word limits.

The photo below is from the Google Photo Frame.For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of barren and weathered rocky landscape featuring a large stone arch.

If this week’s image inspires you and you wish to participate, please write your post, use the tag #FFFC, and link back to this post. I hope it will generate some great posts.

Thanks to all of you who have participated in these challenges. Your posts have been very creative. Please take a few minutes to read the other responses to this photo challenge.

Please create a pingback to this post or manually add your link in the comments.