MLMM Photo Challenge — Ecstacy

“Lizzy, what the hell are you doing?” Alan screamed at his girlfriend who was leaning precariously over the railing of a bridge that spanned the highway below. “You’re going to fall and kill yourself.” He started to moved toward her to pull her away.

“Don’t you dare come any closer, Alan,” Lizzy said. She turned around, arched her back and let her head drop as she took in the din of the traffic passing far beneath the bridge. “It’s like white noise, Alan, and I’m floating above it all, like I’m an angel.”

“If you don’t move away from that railing, you may end up being an angel,” Alan said as he grabbed one of her arms and pulled her back and into his arms.

“Oh Alan,” Lizzy said, “You’re no fun. You’re such a fuddy-duddy. I wasn’t going to do anything stupid. I just liked the feeling, the sensation. But I love you for being so concerned about me.” She gave him a big, sloppy kiss.

“You scared the hell out of me, Lizzy,” Alan said. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back to his car. “We’re going back to my place, Lizzy. I’m responsible and I need to keep you safe until this shit gets through your system in about four or five hours.”

As Lizzy got into Alan’s car, she said, “You’re the best, Alan. And what did you call this tablet we took? Ecstasy? I can absolutely see why they call it that.”

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge. Photo credit: source unknown. Also for Fandango’s Story Starter, where the line is “Don’t you dare come any closer.”

11 thoughts on “MLMM Photo Challenge — Ecstacy

  1. Shweta Suresh July 7, 2021 / 9:53 am

    This one reminded me of Mason’s response to both of these prompts. Great use of the prompts, Fandango 😃


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