12 Bloggerz — July 2021

Rory is back with this month’s edition of 12 Bloggerz, where he asks a dozen eclectic questions. So let us proceed.

1. On a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 is low and 10 is high, how happy are you with everything in your life at this moment?


2. Why do you do what you do the way that you do it? Interpret as you so wish.

That’s just the way I do what I do.

3. How do you embrace difference?

In the grand scheme of things, what difference does it make?

4. What is one of the most significant ways that your readership influences you, your blog and your writing?

By reading, liking, and commenting on my posts.

5. How would you feel if everything you didn’t believe in today turned out to be true – which of your new disbeliefs now truths would affect you the most profoundly? But also answer this question from the opposite spectrum as in: How would you feel if everything you believed in today turned out to be false – would this affect you and if so which falsehood that you hold now true would affect you the most profoundly?

This is a trick question because they’re two sides of the same coin. If everything I didn’t believe in turned out to be true and if everything I did believe in turned out to be false, then what would be the point of believing — or not believing — in anything?

6. How often do you cross your fingers or say touch wood or good luck to people or do you not believe in that sort of thing?

I am not a superstitious type, so I don’t usually cross my fingers or knock on wood. And if I wish people good luck with something, as often as not I’m being sarcastic and not genuine, as in, “Yeah, well, good luck with that.”

7. Do you think that our childhoods impact our lives as adults – what are your views?

Of course our childhood influences our life. How could it not?

8. There is no truth to horoscopes – yes or no and why to either?

The only horoscopes I’m familiar with are those that are printed in the daily newspaper and they are so general that they are worthless.

9. Does it really matter if we are environmentally conscious? I mean is it that important? If not why not and if yes, why??

I’m old enough at this point to know that I’ll be dead before our environment, due to climate change, can no longer sustain human life. But I have children and grandchildren and that’s why being environmentally conscious is important to me.

10. Do you find it easy or hard to relax and what relaxes you the most?

I find it pretty easy to relax as long as I don’t read, watch, or listen to the news. That raises my anxiety levels considerably. What relaxes me the most? Putting in my air pods and listening to classic rock.

11. How well or badly do you respond to being ‘shocked’ or ‘surprised’?

That depends upon whether or not the word “pleasantly” precedes either “shocked” or “surprised.”

12. How do you feel about the term “I am a lucky/unlucky person” as in – do you think that there is some truth to it or is it all nonsense?

I don’t put much stock in the terms “lucky” and “unlucky.” It is what it is. Sometimes things go your way and sometimes they don’t. Which way is more a matter of your own actions than of anything that happens purely by chance.

13 thoughts on “12 Bloggerz — July 2021

  1. Marleen July 5, 2021 / 9:30 am

    I’ve only gotten through number three, so far. Pfffff! Funny. Especially #1. But I like your answer to #3 a lot.

    … changing direction: I actually had a dream including Hillary Clinton, last night. I don’t think it’s happened before. It must be because I had YouTube on in my headphones when I went to sleep.

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  2. Marleen July 5, 2021 / 10:00 am

    Off the top of my head, right now, I am most relaxed by a ragae station called “burning sword” (not all Marley all the time if any) and k D Lang. I enjoyed classic rock in a neighbor’s back yard, yesterday. And it’s fun, to me, to identify those specific voices. But it doesn’t relax me to listen to music when I go to sleep. I have this thing about not wanting to quit, so I feel better if I have maybe a news-related comedy bit on then.

    I really avoid using “luck” or crossing fingers in daily life with any seriousness. In writing, I have used these as figures of speech.

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    • Marleen July 6, 2021 / 4:52 pm

      The last couple days, I’ve been relaxing to a station (if they call it that there) I “discovered” on Apple Music after I couldn’t fumble around enough to find the service (a different one) where “and how” I had been listening to Midnite (a key artist of the type ragae I prefer). After typing in Beck as what I wanted to hear, I started with the album called “Sea Change” as Apple Music asked me to choose (among three).

      Add: A bath. Swimming, much more so.

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      • Marleen July 13, 2021 / 3:19 pm

        Ohhhh… snap! I selected an “alternative” station on Apple Music, just a little bit ago. I was enjoying it and wondering if I wasn’t going to like anything included. Then I noticed many lyrics in oriental lettering. (I’ve seen oriental lettering with another station I’ve chose, but not as much if it.) Then it dawned on me… it’s ALL that. And… BOING. That’s why it’s called “Wasabi” (when I had thought “cool name” just because I like wasabi). I love this station.

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        • Marleen July 22, 2021 / 6:38 pm

          It’s an ongoing selection on Apple music starting with Blurr, this time. Isn’t it Friday, yet? Oh, that doesn’t matter?

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  3. JT Twissel July 5, 2021 / 10:09 am

    I agreed with you about newspaper horoscopes – they are always wrong in my case.

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