TMP — Any Which Way

Every Monday, Paula Light, with her The Monday Peeve prompt, gives us an opportunity to vent or rant about something that pisses us off. Paula ranted about bikinis today. As a male, and other than as an observer, I have no skin in that game, so to speak. But Paula’s peeve last week was all about “those asshats who run red lights.”

My peeve this week is all about those asshat drivers who don’t use their turn signals (aka “blinkers”). WTF? Why not let other drivers around you know when you’re about to change lanes on the highway or when you’re planning to turn left or right?

When I was growing up, in order to get my driver’s licence, I had to know how to give hand signals to indicate if I was going to be turning left or right. I had to demonstrate my mastery of those gestures during the road test.

My father’s car, the one I used to take my driver’s license road test, was a 1953 Chevy Deluxe. When he bought that car, both turn signals and outside rear view mirrors were extra cost options, and he opted not to waste his hard earned money on those frivolous safety features. But by the mid-1950s, turn signals had become standard equipment on many cars. Yet it wasn’t until the late 1960s when turn signals became mandatory.

There are no cars on the road today that don’t come equipped with turn signals. So what is the issue with engaging a turn signal to, um, signal a turn? It’s an easy and courteous thing to do. Especially if you want to avoid having the driver behind you rear-end your car.

Tangentially, don’t get me started on those asshats who change lanes on the highway after diligently using their blinker to signal the lane change, but then don’t turn their turn signal off and keep driving for miles with the signal blinking.

Oh wait. I may have done that on a few occasions. Never mind.

17 thoughts on “TMP — Any Which Way

  1. Hetty Eliot June 28, 2021 / 2:48 pm

    I hate when people are waiting to turn left, with their signal on, and then as you begin move past on the right, they change their mind and go straight, almost hitting you. I’ve observed this anyway, I don’t drive, though I have a license. I can’t remember how anyway.

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    • Marleen June 28, 2021 / 7:48 pm

      I learned those hand signals for bicycle riding as a kid, from my dad. I hardly used them, though, stayed on sidewalks most of the time, instead, where they weren’t needed. Goodness, I didn’t know it wasn’t until the late sixties that turn lights and rear view mirrors had become mandatory for units of heavy steel blaring down the road. I encountered a guy on a fancy bike (not a motorized bike or motorcycle but an expensive one anyway) not long ago. He wanted into my lane, wanted to merge left. Or so I thought. I kept watching for him to put his left arm out; he never did it, but he did scoot over left in front of me. We had even all been completely stopped at a light did a while, and he didn’t make a greater effort at communication then either. He simply went ahead of me (while that still had him behind some other vehicles) when the light changed. My car has really good pickup, so it’s because I was being very attentive (and because we were behind others) that I didn’t go faster. I try to practice what is colloquially called zen while driving. So, I didn’t get mad. But he’s playing a dangerous game, while all decked out in expensive biking shorts and so forth. I’m concerned about him right now as I tell the story. But the turn signal sagas others have recalled about misuse of blinkers on heavyweight contraptions is largely more annoying. (A little bit funny, too, when we aren’t currently in traffic. But not always funny, at all, for sure.)

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      • Marleen June 28, 2021 / 7:55 pm

        Oops. That was supposed to go at the bottom of all the comments. Anyway, that sure is a very dangerous scenario to signal left and then go straight. Even if staying in the same lane, but especially if having to pull over into a non-turning lane.

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  2. Marlapaige June 28, 2021 / 4:24 pm

    Or when they diligently put their blinker on to come into your lane and give you them room being nice and they don’t come over. So you flash your highs to let them to know that it’s really ok and they don’t even make a move. So after like 3 minutes you figure they are just driving along having forgotten it’s on so you increase your speed to at least the speed limit, and THAT is when they try to make their move. Then honk at YOU like it’s your fault they haven’t bothered to look at their mirrors for the last 20 mins.


  3. newepicauthor June 28, 2021 / 4:41 pm

    In my community many people drive golf carts around on the local streets and most of them have turn signals.

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  4. Shweta Suresh June 28, 2021 / 7:04 pm

    I hate idiots who don’t use their blinkers too. And there is a worse category – idiots who overtake you from the same side that you’re turning into and exactly when you’re turning even if you have put the blinkers on. There is a lot of traffic contributed by idiots.

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      • Shweta Suresh June 29, 2021 / 12:02 am

        I’m assuming they infuriate you too. We have got to be extremely careful so that we don’t end up with a fender bender

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  5. Sadje June 28, 2021 / 7:41 pm

    It’s not only polite but useful to give a turn signal.

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  6. Carol anne June 29, 2021 / 11:18 pm

    Lol fandango! Age is not on your side, forgetful, now too are we? really though, those drivers are idiots!

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  7. leigha66 July 10, 2021 / 9:14 pm

    Either they don’t use it or they use it too much… you can’t win.

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