Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #124

Welcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.” Each week I will be posting a photo I grab off the internet and challenging bloggers to write a flash fiction piece or a poem inspired by the photo. There are no style or word limits.

The photo below is from Adrien Olichon at the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a man driving a convertible on what may be an entrance ramp to a freeway.

If this week’s image inspires you and you wish to participate, please write your post, use the tag #FFFC, and link back to this post. I hope it will generate some great posts.

Thanks to all of you who have participated in these challenges. Your posts have been very creative. Please take a few minutes to read the other responses to this photo challenge.

Please create a pingback to this post or manually add your link in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #124

  1. cagedunn June 28, 2021 / 4:28 pm

    I appreciate that he has the thumb free of the wheel – it’s amazing how many times people have broken thumbs from a minor bingle because they grip the wheel with fingers and thumb. And it takes a long time to heal. A long time.
    It’s a safety issue that has long been ignored – so please, when driving, do not wrap the thumb around the steering wheel.
    Oh, and use both hands.

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    • Marleen June 29, 2021 / 3:06 pm

      I’m going to be more conscious of this now, cagedunn. Because you pointed it out. My mom was recently in an accident. Her biggest complaint is her thumb, although she had surgery in her neck.

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