Sunday Writing Prompt — Poetic Justice

When I was but a young lad
I had a crush on a girl who lived on my block
She would mark up her sidewalk with chalk
In order to play hopscotch
A game whose premise I never quite got
But I enjoyed watching her leaping from spot to spot
And then bending over to pick up a rock

I once asked her if she’d teach me the game
And she responded in a collegial way
But I could never quite manage to hop properly
And she told me I was too heavy on my feet
So I ran home and returned with a bucket of water
That I poured over her chalk hopscotch squares

She started to cry and asked me why I did it
I said she mad me angry and my anger I needed to vent
“It’s poetic justice,” I yelled
Even though I didn’t know what it meant

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt, where we are asked to write about “poetic justice” using poetry. Anyone who reads my blog knows that poetry is not my forte. However, I decided to craft this rather ramshackle poem in the effort to meet today’s poetic challenge and, as well, to incorporate these daily prompts: MMA Storytime (hopscotch), Your Daily Word Prompt (premise), Word of the Day Challenge (leaping), Ragtag Daily Prompt (colleague) The Daily Spur (heavy), and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (ramshackle).

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