12 Bloggerz in June

Rory is back with this month’s edition of 12 Bloggerz, where he asks a dozen eclectic questions. So let us proceed.

Have you learned anything during the pandemic and especially the lockdowns that has changed your outlook on you, your life and or your personality that is truly significant?

Yes, I’ve learned that the world is full of assholes who are willing — if not eager — to politicize everything, including matters of public health, such as maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks, and getting vaccinations, during a deadly pandemic. Assholes!

In your ideal world or lifestyle, how much sleep do you think you really need to function at your most optimum level and more importantly – do you get your desired amount daily?

I would like to get a solid eight hours of sleep each night, but most nights I’m lucky to get six or seven hours of sleep.

Are you a thinker, a deep thinker or an active over thinker and if so what do you think about the most and for how long do you need to ‘think’ on a problem before you reach a satisfactory resolve or what steps do you undertake to not think as much?

I’m a thinker, but I’m not really a deep thinker or an over thinker. I have found that over thinking things often causes analysis paralysis and results in nothing being accomplished.

What are you most terrified of today?

The demise of the American democracy due to so many Republicans buying into the Big Lie that Trump won the 2020 election and should be reinstated as POTUS. It could happen and that prospect scares the shit out of me.

What do you do for fun or excitement to fill your day/days or week?

I blog.

What is one of the most important features people should know about you?

I’m happy.

While in recent times much of life has appeared gloomy and doomed – in the last 15 months or so, what have been 3 really good things to happen in your life?

  • Twelves months ago we had our first grandchild, a boy
  • Five months from now we will be having our second grandchild, a girl
  • After six months of landscaping, our backyard beautification project is finally complete and it looks, well, beautiful.

How often do you watch old television series and if you do, what makes for a good viewing on older content in your eyes and do you find that time relaxing?

Since the pandemic started we watch a lot of old TV shows that we didn’t watch when our lives were more active. There were a lot of good shows that we never watched that, thanks to Netflix and Hulu, we can binge-watch now.

How often do you use herbs in your cooking and which ones are your most favorite and why?

We use herbs on most of what we cook. We use garlic and onion powder a lot, as well as a touch of seasoned salt. And, depending on what we’re cooking, there are other herbs and spices that my wife will throw in, from parsley and sage to rosemary and thyme.

How confident are you about taking a vacation/holiday to another destination that would involve air travel?

I haven’t set foot in an airplane since I retired at the end of 2016 and I haven’t missed it at all. I have a nephew who is getting married on the east coast in the fall and I’m not looking at all forward to a cross-country flight.

Are you a tidy or a messy or somewhere in between type of person?

I’m relatively tidy, but not obsessively so…like my wife is.

What is the most useless product you have ever bought unwittingly or accidentally thinking it was more practical than it actually was?

I bought a small, handheld scanner that I never used because about a month later I bought a multifunctional printer that also had a scan and copy feature. Now there’s an app on my iPhone that is essentially a scanner. And since my iPhone is a handheld device, maybe that handheld scanner that I bought back then and never used wasn’t so useless after all. Maybe it was just ahead of its time.

5 thoughts on “12 Bloggerz in June

  1. Marleen June 4, 2021 / 1:39 pm

    Anti-Vaccine Pastor Learns The Hard Way About Science

    One of my sons isn’t delusional, but is a slight asshole, in that he says his attitude during the pandemic, so to speak, was, “Where ya’ at?” (He enjoys irony and so forth.)

    No, he didn’t politicize; except to be pissed at how badly it was handled and the mixed messaging.

    He was respectful of matters like maintaining social distancing and wearing a face mask where people wanted that to happen.

    He has gotten vaccinated, and makes fun of me mentioning my unpleasant (“long Covid” immediate and ongoing) effects.

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    • Marleen June 4, 2021 / 4:23 pm

      Anti-Mask Cop Dies From COVID-19

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  2. aguycalledbloke June 4, 2021 / 2:22 pm

    Some great answers in there fandango. Appologies for my delay, but in my directory the comment was only listed as Someone, but it wasn’t visible on the blog, then when l went to try and respond to the comment it disappeared, only for it to reappear ten minutes ago ….. spoooky.

    Glad your garden is now as you would like it and great news on the arrival of the grandchildren 🙂

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  3. Marleen June 4, 2021 / 9:52 pm

    As for herbs:

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