MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt — Am I Hallucinating?

Daniel pulled his head back from the powerful telescope at the observatory he was using to examine and evaluate the asteroid that was streaking across the western night sky. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. He looked back at the image he saw in the telescope and thought that he had to be seeing things. “Hey Debbie, come here quickly,” he called out to his fellow astrophysicist who was on duty that night. Stepping down from the platform on which the telescope was mounted, he said, “Take a look at this and tell me what you see.”

Debbie stepped onto the platform, removed her glasses, and positioned her right eye over the cup of the eyepiece of the telescope. She twisted the focusing knob slightly until the image came into crisp focus.

“Tell me what you see,” Daniel insisted. Debbie stepped back and gave her fellow scientist a quizzical look. “Well?” Daniel asked.

“It’s the asteroid we’ve been following for the past several weeks, Daniel,” Debbie said.

“So you don’t see anything unusual about it?”

“What do you mean by unusual?” Debbie asked.

Daniel hopped onto the platform and looked at the asteroid again. “You don’t see any resemblance to a soccer ball? You don’t see those uniform black and white pentagon shapes across the surface of the asteroid? Am I hallucinating?”

Debbie smiled. “Well, there are what appear to be indentations on the leading surface of the asteroid that one might say gives the asteroid a slight resemblance to a soccer ball if one uses his or her imagination. That’s why the other day some of the team members jokingly nicknamed it the Beckham asteroid.”

“Oh thank God,” Daniel said. “I thought I may have been having an acid flashback and it was freaking me out.”

“Okay, then,” Debbie said, “can I get back to work now?”

“Sure, Debbie. I’m sorry to have interrupted you.”

“No worries, Daniel,” Debbie said, “but you might want to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.”

Written for the Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Image credit:

9 thoughts on “MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt — Am I Hallucinating?

  1. relaxitsallwrite May 17, 2021 / 12:01 pm

    Haha!! I really like how you incorporated the image. Very fun and creative take, Fandango

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  2. leigha66 May 23, 2021 / 3:50 pm

    I must have taken too many meds this morning… I too see the soccer ball. 😂

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