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  1. Marleen May 3, 2021 / 8:05 am

    Including assholes like Bill Gates (who thwarted the Astra-Zeneca plan to go open-source with the vaccine).

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    • Marleen May 3, 2021 / 12:07 pm

      This might be more elementally a problem of the government (via funding* with no strings attached except basically handing over money while promising to hand over more money), while just handing over the rights to drug (and vaccine) technology and patents.

      * The systemic assholism, here, is conservative “privatization” and deregulation. If money wasn’t handed over like this, the companies (and their inordinate influencers) wouldn’t being able to flip the bird at the public or the world population.

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      • Marleen May 3, 2021 / 12:50 pm

        Sigh. I still wasn’t clear enough. I meant the way the system is (due to choosing so-called conservative or neo-liberal thought) happening — not so much “working” — set up to happen and largely fail and shit us over is that the government (our) representatives (we) are putting us on the hook (putting more and more strings on us and not on the Richie s to whom we give money) to pay corporations more after we already pay them (via the government for medical research) and every possible other way we keep handing the money upward to private interests. We are led by the nose to believe private enterprise pulls off (succeeded in and invests) all the funding and genius (and risk) and deserves all the spoils; this is false. I hope I’ve said enough now (when I review again).


        • Marleen May 3, 2021 / 1:18 pm

          I posted: … more and more strings on us and not on the Richie s to whom we give money … [or pay or finance or whatever word(s) we want]

          I meant: …. on us and not on the richies to whom ….

          Normally, we assume that if we pay for something or fund something then we (the people) should get some commensurate (or even gigantic) something for it. We have put in the share that makes it possible, so we should get a satisfactory output for people (real people rather than the specific financial interests of a few people). But we have not been enacting that during the privatization of government function craze (the defunding {while still handing over money} of as much as can be pulled off covertly or before anyone to scale really notices in order to understand and do something about it).

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        • Marleen May 6, 2021 / 11:35 am

          President Biden Rejects Big Pharma … STUNNING Announcement

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          • Marleen May 17, 2021 / 9:37 am

            AOC … As Pfizer Stock Plummets: “Let’s do insulin next.”


            • Marleen May 20, 2021 / 12:54 am

              Katie Porter Exposes Big Pharma CEO’s Greedy Lies To His Face


  2. Melanie B Cee May 3, 2021 / 8:17 am

    Your meme confirms what I’ve always suspected. Kissing someone’s *ss is guaranteed to give the kisser some sort of disease! 😉

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    • Marleen May 3, 2021 / 11:57 am

      Oh my.

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong May 3, 2021 / 12:12 pm

    We are all assholes. It’s just a matter of exactly WHAT we are assholes about.

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  4. Cindy May 3, 2021 / 4:46 pm


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  5. Marleen May 8, 2021 / 10:20 pm

    Dr. Pierre Kory … Ivermectin

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    • Marleen May 8, 2021 / 10:22 pm

      Dr. Pierre Kory Talks … Big Science Disinformation …

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      • Marleen May 8, 2021 / 10:25 pm

        [Cupertino Doctor with Israeli guest]: … Pfizer Vaccine Associated Adverse Effects …

        From this, I learned that some of my symptoms after the second shot were allergic reactions.

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  6. Marleen May 12, 2021 / 10:47 am

    Vaccine Induced Clotting — How Will [a doctor with a clue] Manage It

    At 16:00, “…this approach is not refined for this situation … this event has not been accepted as caused by the vaccines.” … “I am actually very upset with organizations like the CDCs, FDAs, and WHOs. ….”

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    • Marleen July 3, 2021 / 2:27 pm

      This is the (English) man whose video, that I shared, has gone gray above here (labeled May 8, 10:20 PM).

      “New evidence” presented in this video by Dr. John Campbell on June 30th (Wednesday)

      He makes a mistake (which he corrects the next day) a few seconds before and at 2:10, but the meat of the information can be gleaned from 9:10 onward — while there are some illustrations drawn in picture form and some significant medical details earlier. We can ascertain, leading up to and at 13:10, that, apparently, Nadhim Zahawi (politely) told this doctor to go fuck himself. It’s 23:49 long, and I recommend going to the end.

      I do happen to know that this doctor (Campbell) was saying, long ago, that aspiration of the hypodermic needle is important. I was watching him then. He did strongly speculate that neglecting to aspirate, because it could lead to accidental incorrect injection, was causing COVID-19 vaccine side effects (i.e. clotting) which, in turn, added to greater hesitancy toward and refusal of the shot.

      Follow the white rabbit (17:10).

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  7. Marleen May 12, 2021 / 12:21 pm

    Fetal Tissue — Research Ethics[ and] What Happens If Injected In Our Bodies?

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  8. Marleen May 14, 2021 / 10:44 am

    This video starts with a Texas voter suppression law proponent being schooled on his historically racist terminology and goals. It’s worth watching. The named guest shows up later. To get a gist of it, one could start at 44:00 minutes. I’d also point out his optimism following upon 45:30 (where he gets to a comparison and the idea that it’s “very easy to be cynical” on to 47:22; pick up again at 54:45 to 59:45 to gather some basics and see if you want to listen to his whole conversation). He thinks, touches on the idea, Biden’s suspension of Big Pharma dominance is encouraging; touches, too, on suffering pro wrestlers. [No, I’m not a pro wrestling fan; not the point.]

    Cory Doctorow [a novelist] on How to Kill Surveillance Capitalism and Power of Big Tech [plus monopoly generally]

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    • Marleen June 26, 2021 / 4:46 pm

      Another specifically-relevant story is at 2:08:00 — and especially begins at 2:14:00 — through 2:20:30; concerns SNL and Elon Musk.

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      • Marleen July 6, 2021 / 12:15 pm

        Putting this here is conducive for “equal time” and can be rationalized in that we know Bezos has gotten inordinately richer from the pandemic. Regardless that he is insanely richer (both in the sense of than everyone else and of now):

        Jeff Bezos is Off to Space — And it’s Costing YOU Billions!

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        • Fandango July 6, 2021 / 1:26 pm

          I just read that he’s stepping down as Amazon’s CEO.


          • Marleen July 6, 2021 / 6:58 pm

            When the first inklings of that thought were coming through (a few weeks ago), the associated relief for him and reason to do it were so he wouldn’t be directly confronting his workers (via his opposition to them unionizing while the work conditions aren’t considered good) and looking bad or having to improve things.


            • Marleen July 7, 2021 / 12:17 pm

              This mofo was a friend of Donald Trump’s until peer pressure said no to his selfish compulsions (that didn’t allow him to see clear-eyed or even to play along with feigning to be substantially better than him).

              … Pundit Calls Employees “Soft” After Inheriting Daddy’s Company

              This kind of attitude is rampant, and enabled by neo-coloniasm/neo-conservatism/neoliberalism; it’s a sickness (primarily of Republicans but also of the type of Democrats [such as the Clintons] who sold out to Republicans or really leaned that way already).

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          • Marleen July 6, 2021 / 8:37 pm

            Bezos to Step Down … Become Executive Chair

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          • Marleen July 8, 2021 / 11:33 pm

            Krystal and Saagar: Amazon Execs ADMIT Workers Treated As Collateral Damage On Bezos’s Last Day

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      • Marleen July 16, 2021 / 12:02 am

        [And there’s Branson] Why the Mainstream Media is
        Banging the Drum for the BILLIONAIRE SPACE CLUB

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      • Marleen August 5, 2021 / 8:01 pm

        Matt Stoller: Facebook CANCELS NYU Researchers, Mark Zuckerberg Should Be In JAIL

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  9. Marleen May 23, 2021 / 5:53 pm

    Gravitas [news source]: Why WION’s interview with Taiwan’s Foreign Minister has rattled China

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    • Marleen June 26, 2021 / 2:23 pm

      I really like this whole eight-minute video, but jump more directly to the reason I included it under this topic by starting at four minutes in (and especially from 5:30).

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    • Marleen July 6, 2021 / 6:45 pm

      A good place to start, for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time on news or video, is 5:59 in. Then, at 6:37, “Remember Taiwan gave the first warning about human to human transmission; this was in December 2019.”

      [ Taiwan sees itself as separate from China. ]

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  10. Marleen June 26, 2021 / 12:18 pm

    ICON Study: Use of Ivermectin in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19 | [recorded] January 2021

    I would start at 41:41 and listen through the end
    (then decide about listening from the start).

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    • Marleen June 26, 2021 / 12:49 pm

      Published in mid-July of 2020:

      Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter and Dr. Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter Discuss Ivermectin In Broward County

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  11. Marleen June 27, 2021 / 2:16 am

    [Two weeks ago] TrialSite News – CATalyst (from South Africa): Indian Bar Association Serve Legal Notice on WHO’s Chief Scientist

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    • Marleen June 27, 2021 / 2:19 am

      [Almost two months ago] TrialSite News: Ralph Lorigo Talks NY Court Ruling on Ivermectin in Covid-19 Treatment

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      • Marleen August 5, 2021 / 10:04 am

        Matt Taibbi: Silicon Valley [holds] Medical Community … HOSTAGE …

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    • Marleen September 4, 2021 / 8:54 am

      News Roundup | Prominent Indian Physician Talks Impact Of Ivermectin In Home Medicine Kits in India

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  12. Marleen July 1, 2021 / 12:43 pm

    I recommend watching this from 15:30 through 39 minutes. (And note, not the main topic, that Robert Malone invented the mRNA vaccine: see shortly before and at 27:00.)

    Steve Kirsch On COVID Early Treatment and Censorship

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  13. Marleen July 26, 2021 / 10:43 pm

    Dr. Farid Jalali Discusses COVID Management


  14. Marleen August 6, 2021 / 6:38 am

    Big US implications from Israel
    Dr. John Campbell
    Jul 24, 2021

    He gets a little excited and has to correct himself repeatedly, but the main points come through. The protocol in the United States (as in Israel too) is/has been less positively effective than the (different) protocol in the United Kingdom (waiting longer between the first and second doses). Also shown here are the symptoms that infected vaccinated people are likely to show/experience (if they have symptoms rather than symptomless infection which can still be passed on to others).

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    • Marleen August 31, 2021 / 6:55 am

      Kim Iversen: Joe Rogan BLASTS Fauci For FLIP-FLOPPING, Ruining Public Trust In Health Experts

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    • Marleen September 2, 2021 / 11:17 pm

      Japan finds another Moderna vial suspected to contain foreign substance| Latest English Neews | WION 25K views · 1 day ago


  15. Marleen August 31, 2021 / 3:42 am

    Kim Iversen: BOMBSHELL Report Suggests Natural Immunity Triggers Better Response Against COVID

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  16. Marleen September 2, 2021 / 7:40 pm

    Top FDA Vaccine Officials RESIGN Over Fast-Tracked Booster Shot Approval By CDC, White House

    Premiered Sep 1, 2021

    Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Alyssa Farah react to the resignation of two senior FDA officials …

    [And the World Health Organization tries to persuade US not to go ahead with boosters.]

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