It’s Not as Scary as It Appears to Be

I’m a big enough man to admit when I’m wrong. For the past year I have written a deluge of posts lambasting WordPress’ decision to “decommission” (their word) the reliable, easy to use classic editor and to force us to “embrace” its block (Gutenberg) editor, whether we wanted to or not. And I most certainly did not want to.

As most of you know, I blog from my iPhone. In fact, at this very moment, I am sitting on my couch in my family room, listening to classic rock music, and composing this post.

But I digress. I have vigorously resisted this whole block editor thing for the better part of a year. First, I didn’t see any need for the elimination of the tried and true classic editor. Why, if the developers at WordPress were so thrilled with the new block editor, couldn’t they offer it as a “new and better” option, while continuing to offer the (mostly) beloved classic editor?

Second, the block editor that WordPress first introduced last year was not designed for use on the relatively small screen of mobile device. Maybe it worked well on a laptop, but it was shit on an iPhone. I resented feeling that if I wanted to continue to blog on WordPress, I’d have to do so on a laptop because the block editor was close to impossible to use on an iPhone. I even wrote in response to one of Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights posts last July, “If the day ever comes when WordPress no longer offers the classic editor, that will be the day I will either find a different platform for my blog or I will just stop blogging.”

Well, that day came for those of us using the iOS app on our iPhones last month, when, as I explained in this post, WordPress removed the classic editor option from its iOS app. And that’s when it was shit or get off the pot time for me.

So I decided that I was going to dedicate myself to figuring out how to blog on my iPhone using the dreaded block editor, as it had become my only option. And it’s now my duty, as a member of this great blogging community, to admit that, in my rants over the past year, I seemed to have been making that proverbial mountain out of a molehill.

The current version of the block editor in the WordPress iOS app is usable. I can pretty much do with it all of what I was able to do with the iOS version of the classic editor. In fact, I can do a few more things with the iOS block editor than I could with the iOS classic editor.

So now I have no excuse to whine and rant about the block editor. No reason to hunt for another blog hosting site to move to. I’ve been able to move forward with the block editor on my iPhone without too much pain.

What I’ve learned is that no matter how dark the corridor ahead appears to be, one shouldn’t be afraid to step into it and see where it leads.

(I hope you appreciate how I managed to fit my FOWC with Fandango daily prompt word, “corridor,” into this post despite the fact that it had no relevance to the rest of this post.)

Written for these daily prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (deluge), The Daily Spur (duty), Word of the Day Challenge (proverbial), MMA Storytime (mountain), Ragtag Daily Prompt (excuse), and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (corridor).

25 thoughts on “It’s Not as Scary as It Appears to Be

  1. Marleen May 2, 2021 / 12:50 pm

    Heh-heh; glory hallelujah.

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  2. newepicauthor May 2, 2021 / 1:43 pm

    Does this mean that you are going to shut your pie hole and keep on blogging?

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  3. Sadje May 2, 2021 / 4:05 pm

    These are my thoughts too Fandango. The block editor is not the dragon I was thinking it was. In fact I find it pretty easy to use as well.

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  4. bushboy May 2, 2021 / 6:07 pm

    The only problem I have, using my phone and tablet is I can’t access my photo media files easily and searching is useless. I am glad that the music soothed the savage beast and off you go. Well done again Fandango 🙂

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    • Fandango May 2, 2021 / 8:17 pm

      As a photographer, you no doubt have toms more photo media files than I do.

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      • bushboy May 2, 2021 / 9:31 pm

        This blog has almost 93% full of photos. I started another free one just for photo storage while I try to thin out the main media file.

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  5. Stuart Danker May 2, 2021 / 9:54 pm

    Oh yeah, this was the exact way I had felt last year, in that I didn’t enjoy using the new block editor, but I just figured what the hell and dove in headfirst. If it was going to be inevitable…

    Now that’s not to say I prefer it over the classic, but I’ve gotten so used to it at this point I don’t even care anymore. Wish that it’s the same for you!

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    • Fandango May 2, 2021 / 10:27 pm

      Thanks, Stuart. I am acclimating to using the block editor.


  6. rugby843 May 3, 2021 / 6:32 am

    I do appreciate that. My only problem is trying to resize images

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    • Fandango May 3, 2021 / 11:03 am

      I use an app called “Resize It” to shrink the size of the images before I add them to my posts.

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      • rugby843 May 3, 2021 / 12:42 pm

        On my iPad, no problem, but now my phone has the block editor so when I use that they always turn out full size.

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        • Fandango May 3, 2021 / 1:35 pm

          But can’t you take a photo in your iPhone’s photo app, resize it before you add it to your post, and then add the resized image to your post. That’s what I do.


  7. RuthScribbles May 3, 2021 / 7:58 am

    yay!! i’m ok with it and figuring it out but it works! glad you didn’t leave!

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  8. Taswegian1957 May 3, 2021 / 9:00 am

    I am glad you were able to figure it out. It’s been making you miserable and angry for a long time. I think we all agree that WP handled this badly and that their attitude needs adjusting but we all love to blog so in the end we find a way.

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  9. Jay May 6, 2021 / 4:55 pm

    Right there with you! I still don’t LOVE the block editor, probably never will, but it’s usable… that’s all I can hope for, in order to stick with the community I have been around for a few years! No way to move but forward, right?

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  10. cassmob May 7, 2021 / 1:42 am

    It was however, annoyingly frustrating to launch into A to Z and discover that classic editor had died while I wasn’t looking. However, I survived the month and since I compose in word it hasn’t been a massive drama.

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  11. leigha66 May 8, 2021 / 9:09 pm

    I am glad you are finding the block editor agreeable.

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    • Fandango May 8, 2021 / 10:33 pm

      Well, I don’t know if “agreeable” is the right word. Maybe more like “tolerable.”

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