#WDYS — The Lighthouse

“Oh Fred, it’s stunningly beautiful,” Donna said, as the two of them sat in the small park across the channel from the old lighthouse watching the sun set behind it, silhouetting the building.”

“Yes, I’ve always loved it here at this spot at sunset,” Fred said. “Sadly, they’re going to be tearing the thing down soon.”

“Oh no, why would they do that?” Donna asked.

“Well, a few years back the groundskeeper — he lived in the lighthouse — was killed during an armed robbery and the place has been vacant ever since,” Fred explained. “It has fallen into disrepair and the county condemned it, saying it would cost too much to fix it up.”

“That’s terrible,” Donna said.

“Yeah, I went to a meeting of the county commissioners to try to exhort them to declare it a landmark,” Fred said. “I provided the county manager with a long list of reasons, but that unscrupulous son of a bitch wouldn’t enable me to even make my presentation.”

“I can’t believe that they would turn a deaf ear to preserving that extraordinary landmark,” Donna said.

Well, Donna,” Fred said, “I’m going to take a photograph showing that beautiful, tall lighthouse on that rocky island in the channel with the red sky of the sunset behind it and offer it to the local museum as a memorial to the lighthouse.”

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See? prompt. Photo credit: Philippe D @ Unsplash. Also for these daily prompts from yesterday: MMA Storytime (robbery), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (vacant), Your Daily Word Prompt (exhort), The Daily Spur (list), Ragtag Daily Prompt (scrupulous), and Word of the Day Challenge (enable).

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    Great story Fandango! Thanks for joining in

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