Fibbing Friday — Rites of Spring

Frank (aka PCGuy) and Di (aka Pensitivity101) alternate as host for Fibbing Friday, a silly little exercise where we are to write a post with our answers to the ten questions below. But as the title suggests, truth is not an option. The idea is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly, or even outrageous, in our responses. Today is Frank’s turn to host and here are his questions.

1. Why is April Fools Day on April 1st?

It’s to celebrate the birthday of Tom Foolery.

2. According to the old adage, exactly what do April showers bring?

Flash floods.

3. What is a Haiku?

It’s when you say to your friend when you want to go hiking: “Hey, hike, you?”

4. How did the tradition of hiding eggs on Easter begin?

Back in the day there was a severe egg shortage, so people would hide their eggs to make sure there were enough to last through the spring.

5. Why is it a tradition to serve lamb on Easter?

Because turkey is reserved for Thanksgiving, ham for Christmas, and beef for the Fourth of July. So lamb was all that was left.

6. Why is the season between winter and summer called spring?

Because the cold of winter makes you feel stiff, and the heat of the summer makes you feel wilted, so in the season in between you feel like you’re springing between stiff and wilted.

7. Since March just recently ended, what is meant by the old adage, “In like a lion, out like a lamb”?

The guy who came up with that expression mixed up his zodiac signs.

8. What is meant by the phrase, “trial by fire”?

Back in the early days of human evolution, before there were indoor court rooms, they would conduct trials outdoors in front of large fires. If the defendant was found guilty, it was easy to just toss him or her into the fire.

9. What is the difference between fact and theory?

One is indisputable and the other is something you wish was indisputable, but it may not be.

10. What is a postulate?

It’s when you scheduled a post to be published in the middle of the wee hours of the morning, but when you scheduled it, instead of designating a.m., you mistakenly put p.m., so when you look for your post the next morning and don’t find it, you scratch your head and say to yourself, “Post, you late!”

8 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday — Rites of Spring

  1. Marleen April 2, 2021 / 12:59 pm


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  2. Gail M Baugniet April 2, 2021 / 3:42 pm

    You have no idea how many times I have uttered those words: post, you late! Being on HST and trying to post on EST gets me confused! Fun post. Look forward to more.
    (theme: Novel Research – novel as in different/interesting/unusual)

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  3. jilldennison April 3, 2021 / 8:54 am

    All great answers … my favourite is the last one! I said that just the other day, in fact, when I had gone to bed thinking that I had scheduled the post, but had in fact forgotten to put it on the schedule!

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