Thursday Inspiration — Over You

I was so into you
I could think of nothing else.
I just wanted to be next to you
So I could touch you all over
From head to toe
It was truly magical
For me, anyway

But then you started acting all queer
The times we spent together
Became, well turbulent
Your opinion of us as a couple
Changed dramatically
You called me clingy
And said you were
So over me

Written for Paula Light’s Thursday Inspiration prompt, where the theme is “over.” Also for these daily prompts: The Daily Spur (touch), Word of the Day Challenge (queer), MMA Storytime (turbulent), Your Daily Word Prompt (opinion), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (cling).

This is Paula’s last Thursday Inspiration post. Jim Adams will be taking this prompt over, I assume starting next week.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Inspiration — Over You

  1. leigha66 March 22, 2021 / 1:01 am

    So many prompts! Good job and great music!

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