TMP — 5G or Bust

Every Monday, Paula Light, with her The Monday Peeve prompt, gives us an opportunity to vent or rant about something that pisses us off. Today I’m more irritated than peeved, but Paula wants us to share. I apologize that this is, for me, a lengthy post. Anyway, here we go.

I’m the last holdout in my family. I’m the only remaining iPhone user. All the rest — my wife, my daughter, and my son — have the Pixel smartphone from Google, which is an Android device. My son has always had a dislike for Apple products and has been a big fan of all things Google. So ever since Google introduced its mobile operating system, Android, he’s opted for Android devices. And when Google came out with its own smartphone, the Pixel, he was one of the first to order one.

Then, around three years ago, my persuasive son managed to convince my wife and daughter to ditch their iPhones and switch to the Google Pixel phone. But despite the pressure from the rest of my family to follow suit, I did my best Charlton Heston imitation and said, “I’ll give you my iPhone when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

At the time we were an all Verizon Wireless family. Except for my son, whose wireless carrier was T-Mobile. But when Google introduced its own cell service, known as Google Fi, my son was quick to jump on board. Google FiAnd then, in late 2019, he managed to convince my wife and daughter to upgrade to the latest Pixel model and to ditch Verizon and switch to the Google Fi for cell service. Once again, I was the lone holdout because I was concerned that Google Fi was optimized for Android devices and wouldn’t work so well on an iPhone. But my son assured me that it would work on an iPhone and then he pointed out that Google Fi would cost about half as much per month as Verizon. So I caved.

The good news is that Google Fi has, indeed, worked fine since I joined with the rest of my family. And because the four of us share the plan, my portion of the monthly wireless bill has been less than $30. So yeah.

Then, this past November, I traded in my iPhone 8 Plus for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I upgraded primarily because the iPhone 12 is the first iPhone model to support blazing fast 5G connectivity. And that was enticing.

But when I got my new 5G-capable iPhone set up on Google Fi, I discovered that Google Fi does not support 5G on iPhones. My 4G LTE connection worked fine, but 5G? Fuhgeddaboudit. Google Fi does support 5G on compatible Pixel and other Android phones. But not on iPhones. I went to the online Google Fi help center to find out when Google Fi would start to support 5G and here’s what it said.

Right now Fi 5G is not supported on iPhone 12 series; we’ll keep customers updated on the latest via our help center.

So I recently contacted the Google Fi help center and was informed that the Google Fi engineers are working on it but have no date for when Google Fi will support 5G on the iPhone. Hmm, sort of like the WordPress happiness engineers are working on fixing the iOS bug I’ve been whining about for almost five months, but have no date for when a fix will be available.

I admit that with the lockdown, not having 5G on my iPhone hasn’t been a problem because I hardly leave my house and our WiFi is plenty speedy. But with people getting vaccinated and the likely reopening — hopefully — of society by this summer, I’m giving Google Fi until November of 2021, the one year anniversary of getting my iPhone 12, to come up a 5G fix for iPhones. If it’s not available by then, I’m going back to Verizon Wireless.

17 thoughts on “TMP — 5G or Bust

  1. Paula Light March 15, 2021 / 4:19 pm

    Hear ya. Love my iPhone but I prefer non Apple laptops…

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    • Fandango March 15, 2021 / 9:51 pm

      Me too. I have a Dell laptop running Windows 10, but I rarely use it.

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      • Marleen March 15, 2021 / 11:06 pm

        One of my sons has a Dell laptop and really likes it.

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        • Fandango March 15, 2021 / 11:17 pm

          It gets the job done when I need to use a laptop.


  2. Renard Moreau March 15, 2021 / 4:39 pm

    🙂 I am not all that eager to switch to 5G.


    Because there are many areas that do not have a proper 5G signal.

    In the meantime, I will stick with 4G LTE because it is more reliable than 5G.

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    • Fandango March 15, 2021 / 9:53 pm

      Okay, you make a good point, Renard, and it makes me feel a bit less irritated. Thanks.

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  3. Sadje March 15, 2021 / 6:46 pm

    Tech not talking to each other creates a lot of issues.

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  4. Marleen March 16, 2021 / 12:54 am

    Those oldest sons are pretty convincing. I sat in line for my oldest son to get him the very first iPhone. On the first day. I think I remember it was five hundred dollars.

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    • Marleen March 16, 2021 / 12:06 pm

      Personally, I’m a fan of both Apple and Google (in a general sense). I don’t get caught up in Apple’s hype, though, when they have those “events,” whatever they are called, to act like there’s something awesome going on when they offer new products or updated versions. What does your son not like, or what does he actively dislike, about Apple?

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      • Fandango March 16, 2021 / 10:39 pm

        I think he doesn’t like the closed architecture and prefers Google’s open approach. Only Apple products use iOS, but all kinds of phones and tablets use Android.


  5. leigha66 March 18, 2021 / 7:05 pm

    I am starting to charge my phone more often and we have been eligable for an upgrade for quite some time so I am thinking about the newest Galaxy phone. Been with both Samsung and Verizon for years and never had any problems. I sure hope the Google Fi people are not like the happiness engineers when it comes to fixing bugs!

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