Fandango’s Provocative Question #112

FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question. Each week I will pose what I think is a provocative question for your consideration.

By provocative, I don’t mean a question that will cause annoyance or anger. Nor do I mean a question intended to arouse sexual desire or interest.

What I do mean is a question that is likely to get you to think, to be creative, and to provoke a response. Hopefully a positive response.

This week’s provocative question is going to be an easy one…if you watched Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Harry and Meghan the other night.The question is simply this:

What did you think?

Some of you have already posted your thoughts about the interview and the parties involved on your own blogs. If so, please feel free to include a link to your post in the comments below.

If you didn’t watch the interview but have some thoughts on the matter at hand, please share them, either in the comments below or on your own blog.

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24 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #112

  1. Mister Bump UK March 10, 2021 / 5:07 am

    sorry, did not watch either this or the aftermath. Have skipped every post which seems to be on the subject. I’ll sit this one out.

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  2. pensitivity101 March 10, 2021 / 6:32 am

    I didn’t watch it, didn’t want to watch it, and have no sympathy for either of them. I did a Monday Peeve on it, and see them as a pair of disgruntled spiteful individuals who didn’t their own way.
    My sympathy lies with our Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William, and Prince Charles.

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  3. Goin' the extra...aaamile March 10, 2021 / 9:37 am

    I haven’t been in touch with television at all of late, I actually thought that Oprah was dead. I guess I got it confused with Whitney Houston. Well! Sorry about that.
    Sorry again, haven’t watched the show, so no idea absolutely.

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    • Fandango March 10, 2021 / 11:09 am

      No worries. I only watched it because my wife wanted to watch it.


  4. Jen Goldie March 10, 2021 / 11:53 am

    Who? What? When? Where?
    Just kidding cause I don’t care.
    But thanks anyway.

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  5. suze hartline March 10, 2021 / 12:09 pm

    I watched a clip of it only because I wanted to know exactly why Piers Morgan walked off the set of Good Morning Britain. Have to admit Piers is a tool, but it kind of amazed me a Brit actually has a televised hissy fit. I felt badly for both the young people. Meghan said she was suicidal, spoke to Harry, they asked for help and were blown off because “the Firm”..I’d of left in a huff too to protect my family member and get them help. thought it was really pissy and beneath what I had perceived as the Queen’s dignity to cut them off financially and demand their military decorations back. But what do I know? I descended from peasants.

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  6. Marleen March 10, 2021 / 1:58 pm

    I’m not sure where to start. I did watch the whole thing. And, like Jimmy Fallon [I’ve clicked on every comic reaction I could find so far], it made me cry. Jimmy, consistent with a lot of people and their feelings (but certainly a comedian), conveyed this fact with a laugh or joke. To his credit, the joke was in a context of pretending to be crying about something in sports* when his wife walked into the room. Let’s see… I have not made a habit of following the royals (is that supposed to be capitalized, I wonder). I also don’t obsess over Oprah (as [ex pres] Trump strangely did… most likely simply because he was pretending to be a fellow-billionaire, especially when he ruminated upon the planned question of whether he intended to run for the top Exec position). I think I watched because we (our country) have a lot of heritage from England while being very different from them. Plus, the specific peculiarities of the monarchy (and the fact that it’s actually a business rather than just a family) are complicating. How would this bird from our world fit?

    *1 I realize it is a bit silly to cry when I care about other things much more. Then, again, not really. An individual such as I am could be a counselor to someone like her. All people could benefit from someone to address the realities of their human lives. Meanwhile, how do we make progress in our world without analyzing? If we didn’t give a shit for “rich” women (or wives), no women would yet be able to have agency over their own affairs. They’d be involuntarily incarcerated at the drop of a hat by their husbands’ inconvenience over anything. Into the seventies, nineteen that is, women couldn’t have their own bank cards or much else. (Additionally, I think my mom’s weird thinking may largely come from her British [English and Scottish] background. The appearances thing had been passed down. Her family was here from way back; I have one Civil-War-soldier uncle or cousin on one side+ and one on the other, of which I informed her. Having hardly done any looking, I’ve found a colonial days official.)

    {+ side refers to one being on each of the two sides of the war; it does, likewise, apply as the two sides of my mother’s family (her mom’s and her dad’s or those grandparents’ two lines)}

    Anyone with historical or social studies or family dynamic/counseling interests could glean some pertinent details. People are people, to some extent. I had some sympathy for Harry already… because of what his mother (and, by matter of fact, he himself) went through. You don’t pick your parents (well, some religions might think you do). That “family” were crappy to Diana (and to her children if we care about interpersonal relationships). They (or that prince who is Harry’s dad) sought out a young presentable* innocent while the intent (which he and many others hid from her) was to carry on with his Cruella. That’s always been my view of the mistress. But perhaps Harry had compassion for her, somewhat, along with love and understanding of his mother, and maybe he didn’t want to do to his love what Charles had done; failing to have the balls to ask her to marry him. The supposed institutional problem with Camilla was that she was “experienced.” But they’re married now. Experienced is a way to describe Meghan.

    *2 This could have additionally been to cut down, a bit, on the inbreeding factor for health reasons. But it also has a whiff of the predatory wink-wink found in the family as in much of the rich and powerful tendencies of assholes around the world. We might consider, too, the aspect of how complicated any divorce can be, then add in the behemoth with which Harry and Meghan were tangling. Say you have an abusive husband, and you’re a mother… of his child. And he doesn’t respect the fact you’re the mother of his child… within wedlock (a nod for those who would cling to notions of bastards or whatever). He’s going to be a shit even if you’re doing everything properly and with care. Now, if you want to improve matters within or if you want out, you have to come to an agreement with this shit. Makes all the sense in the world, right? I have been familiarized with different ways divorces can be handled via varying laws. My sister-in-law was in a state where she wasn’t allowed out absent a full agreement between the two.

    To share some facts; someone wanted to know some facts: Harry has received racist death threats for marrying a mixed-race woman. I imagine this is from all over the white-supremacist globe (not excluding England or the whole U.K.). The firm (as it was called), which gets very mixed up with the family as they are a commodity, decided* not to provide security for Harry any more… after they had already informed the couple that security would never be provided for their child. What the hell? All of the family gets much vitriolic media coverage (and vicious impulses directed at them), but Meghan got a larger dose. She wasn’t going to receive security either, since (as she was told at some later point) she didn’t technically work for them. Huh? The couple decided they wanted to be junior workers rather than senior (I imagine there is less pay and privilege); other personages in the family have this arrangement. This was not found, by the firm, to be acceptable. The firm wanted full control over their lives. The firm is the husband.

    *3 If it’s bad enough, you will take nothing for yourself and your child because you have to get away from the hate. The low-count is likely to be happy to be rid of any appearance of responsibility if it costs him no buckaroos/pounds or even a pence. And he or his friends can make up any goddamnedable stories he wants. Women or hurt and neglected people are always the bitches or worthless beings if their mates deem it to be. I have an old friend, who I mainly knew as a baby sitter, who was one of those very nice (and not experienced) girls. (A good student, musician, much more, too.) Her husband only saw her as a mark (not for money but to take her down because she wouldn’t have sex with him before marriage); he made it clear, on their wedding night. Guys and “systems” can be like that. All good manners as a show until they snap like a fly trap. (Of course, women can be jerks. I’m sticking to this wording for simplicity and clarity, but also to acknowledge the practicalities of being a mother or potential mother.)

    More than one person has asked why. Thoughts as to why went through my head, too. Oh, another fact… it was taped earlier than when it aired. It is unclear as to who decided the timing of the airing; seems most likely the network or Oprah. I’m speculating, but I’m thinking possibly all they want is the provision of security — just by dint of the familial circumstances. I do find it rather nauseating that “the crown” or whatnot would value one of Charles’ sons more than the other (we don’t even need to think of them as Diana’s sons as far as that lot is concerned; she was a gestational incubator). At the same time, letting the whole archaic thing be a matter of the past seems reasonable; that would apply to everyone (all the royalty no longer receiving security and payment). Yet, I wonder if all the pomp being on them takes weight off of the lawmakers or prime minister. That side of the pond have an easier time of switching leaders whenever. An easier time than we in the U.S., where we have to suffer through the four years.

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    • RuthScribbles March 10, 2021 / 3:17 pm

      Thank you Marlene! People who didn’t watch it should be quiet. The trashy news spread lies, and the firm did not protect Meghan! And of course racism is in the heart of it all.

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      • Marleen March 10, 2021 / 3:41 pm

        You’re very welcome.

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  7. RuthScribbles March 10, 2021 / 3:06 pm

    Parties??? Damn. How crass.

    I watched the replay. If people didn’t watch and all they get us snippets from the news, they still have the wrong story. Diana was treated rather horribly too.

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  8. Meowscha March 10, 2021 / 3:33 pm

    I didn’t watch it but I read about it. I have been suicidal at one point in my life and seeing Megan talk about it and almost tear up reminds me of how I feel when I talk about it, which is not very often. It’s painful. She is lucky to have someone support her like he does.

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    • Marleen March 10, 2021 / 7:33 pm

      I do hope they’re going to be okay.

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  9. Marilyn Armstrong March 10, 2021 / 4:14 pm

    We actually watched it last night, so this is very timely. It won’t come out until Friday because I’m taking tomorrow — my 74th BD — off (okay, just one post). But we actually talked about it. In brief. Garry wanted to know if I thought she could possible have actually believe they WOULD accept her and asked me if it were me…

    I said that’s not entirely fair because I’m a born-again researcher and as a Jew, I would never expect the British Royals to accept me. Ever, under any circumstances. For that matter, there are a fair number of rich white Americans of whom I have identical expectations.

    “Those people” are not emotionally ABLE to accept anything that doesn’t come from their immediate circle nor do they want to. And frankly, I doubt anything will change them.

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    • Marleen March 10, 2021 / 5:06 pm

      Born again researcher; that’s priceless. As is your entire post brilliant. Have a great birthday!

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    • Fandango March 10, 2021 / 8:07 pm

      Happy birthday, Marilyn. I’ll look forward to reading your response on Friday.

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  10. leigha66 March 14, 2021 / 4:37 pm

    I know that trapped feeling when there seems to be no way out, the fact she asked for help and got none from “the firm” is appalling! But then they drove Diana away too. At least she has Harry. Shame on the royals for cutting them off when all they wanted was protection. … but I am not British and don’t have any direct connection with the royals. It is just an opinion from across the pond.

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