TMP — Save My Sanity

Every Monday, Paula Light, with her The Monday Peeve prompt, gives us an opportunity to vent or rant about something that pisses us off. You might think my peeve today is a nit and I should not let it get to me, but it does. So I’m going to leverage Paula’s peeve platform to whine about it.The words “then” and “than” are not interchangeable. They are two distinct words and have two entirely different meanings.

“Then” usually refers to time or sequence. First you make a pot of coffee, then you start writing.

“Then” can also be used as a conditional statement, often as a consequence to show when one thing follows or results from another. If I don’t get my morning coffee, then my whole day is ruined.

“Than” is used when comparing or contrasting one thing with another. I like coffee better than tea.

If you don’t know the difference between these two words, then you should learn what it is.

Because I’d rather read posts from bloggers who use good grammar than from those who don’t.

It’s really not that difficult.

6 thoughts on “TMP — Save My Sanity

  1. rugby843 March 8, 2021 / 11:14 am

    It’s probably a spell check problem.

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    • Fandango March 8, 2021 / 12:23 pm

      Nah. I think it’s a user error problem.


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