TWT — Jailbreak

“Warden, they’re going to try to spring the mafia boss out of prison tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, we’re ready for it.”

Written for Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday prompt, where this week’s word is “spring.” I think Bulbul’s context was “spring,” as in the season of the year, but I took it in a different direction. Also for the Ragtag Daily Prompt (mafia).

4 thoughts on “TWT — Jailbreak

  1. Sadje February 23, 2021 / 6:20 pm

    They are letting him out! 😱

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  2. Bulbul March 2, 2021 / 6:18 am

    Ooohhh! Loving the dangerous vibe. A great entertaining tale, Fandango, I love how you chose to go with the other meaning of the word; it was refreshing, indeed. Thank you for joining in this week, Cheers 🙂

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