A Month of Love #13

Paula Light says, “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve (aka love) by posting one thing we love every day throughout February.

Now the truth is that I’m not really a romantic guy, so I might be hard pressed to come up with 28 objects of love, but I think I should be able to come up with 28 things I like a lot.

I love blogging. There, I said it! Plain and simple. I love blogging.

9 thoughts on “A Month of Love #13

    • Fandango February 13, 2021 / 11:01 pm

      I hope most blogger do! Otherwise, why do it?

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  1. amoralegria February 13, 2021 / 3:49 pm

    I know you do! I always read your posts, even if I don’t leave a comment.

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    • Fandango February 13, 2021 / 11:02 pm

      Thank you. As I do yours.


  2. Carol anne March 10, 2021 / 5:57 pm

    And I love your blog! Its so diverse. I enjoy all the different topics you write about and challenges you respond to. I also enjoy participating in fowc. xo

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    • Fandango March 10, 2021 / 10:29 pm

      Thank you so very much for your kind words, Carol Anne.


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