Share Your World — All About Love and Romance

Share Your WorldIt’s Monday and that means Melanie is tossing out another one of her Share Your World series of questions. As this is February and we are quickly approaching that Hallmark Holiday — Valentine’s Day — Melanie’s theme is focused on love. Here we go.

In your opinion, do May/December (older partner with much younger partner) romances ever work?

Well, my first thought was that, depending upon the time of year, I’m either six or seven years older than my lovely wife, but I suppose that’s more like an October/December romance than a May/December romance. So, to answer Melanie’s question about whether or not May/December romances ever work, I’d say that they do…if there’s enough money at stake.

What physical action or gesture do you find romantic?

Walking and holding hands with my wife.

What is your idea of a romantic dinner?

One that involves food and alcohol.

Is ‘love’ a real ‘thing’ or merely a physical chemical response and brain activity pulling our emotional strings?


How do you show your loved ones that you love them?

By doing things for them that I know they appreciate, even if they didn’t ask for them.

17 thoughts on “Share Your World — All About Love and Romance

  1. Melanie B Cee February 9, 2021 / 8:59 am

    Thanks, Fandango for Sharing Your World! I know you answered these, tongue in cheek, but to me? Actions speak louder than words, and you and your lovely wife (six years your junior?! Cradle robber! 😉 ) have been together for a good long while and are still together and quite happy from all accounts (what’s discreetly shared by you anyway). I’d peg you, sir, as a romantic soul! And your wife? A good one, because she buys you Americone Dream Ice Cream….

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  2. leigha66 February 12, 2021 / 11:04 pm

    I spent a little time in a relationship with someone 9 years older than me (and there was no money involved 😏) and if there had not been career advancement requiring him to move I wonder if we still wouldn’t be together. It has to be the right people together, just like those closer in age.

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