No Surprise

“I can’t believe you got so drunk at the homecoming dance last night,” Linda said. “What were you thinking, Steve?”

Steve groaned. “Leave me alone, can’t you see I’m in agony?”

“And well you deserve to be, you cheater. I saw you leave the gymnasium holding hands with that hussy, Lisa Bloom. And to think she was once my best friend.”

“Oh stop, Linda,” Steve said. “She’s planning a surprise party for your eighteenth birthday and wanted to talk with me about how to pull it off.”

“Yeah, I bet that’s not all she wanted to pull off behind the gym.”

“Oh my god, Linda,” Steve said. “You’re so insecure. You need to learn to stop being so quick to run to judgment. Now I’m going to have to call Lisa back and tell her the surprise party is out.”

Linda reached over and hugged Steve. “Don’t call Lisa. I’ll pretend to be surprised.”

Written for these daily prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (drunk), Ragtag Daily Prompt (homecoming), The Daily Spur (agony), MMA Storytime (cheater), and Word of the Day Challenge (bloom).

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