SoCS — looking Back

I suppose, in the end, looking back at it, it wasn’t all bad. Oh sure, it was pretty contentious at times. Most of the time, actually.

We fought a lot. And when we fought, we really fought. I mean knock down, drag out fights. Not physically, of course. We never hit or kicked or bit one another. Yeah, I do remember putting my fist through the wall that one time. And then there was the night you threw your wine glass at me. Fortunately I ducked just in time.

But the mind games we played were emotionally bruising. You said I was gaslighting you. I said you had me walking on eggshells. We threw verbal jabs at each other, each like the sting of a bee. And the resentment we each felt toward one another settled upon us like a thick fog that cast a pall over most of our marriage.

Face it, we are both very passionate people and it was our passion for life that brought us together, our passion for love that kept us together, and our passion in bed that had us soaring. For a while, anyway.

So that’s why I say it wasn’t all bad. At least in the beginning.

This post was written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Linda has commanded us to write about the beginning of something and the end of something. Bonus points if our first sentence contains “the end” and our last sentence contains “the beginning.”

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