Thursday Inspiration — Go With the Flow

“Did you hear that they’re forecasting a category four hurricane for this weekend? It’s supposed to pummel the coastline with heavy rains and strong, gusty winds,” Ricky told his mother.

“Yes sweetie, I heard,” Anita said. “I hope it’s not as bad as the one we had three years ago. So much damage. It was so sad.

“I worry that, with climate change and all, that the storm three years ago won’t hold a candle to this upcoming hurricane,” Ricky said. “This time they’re predicting flash floods in low lying areas. Mom, do we live in a low lying area?”

“We do, hon, but they’re also warning of potential landslides and mudslides in the hilly parts of town,” Anita said.

“Mom, I’m scared, Ricky said. “Are we going to die?”

Anita walked over to where Ricky was standing and gave him a hug. “We’ll be fine, sweetie, I promise. You remember what your dad always used to say, right?”

“Yeah, Mom,” Ricky said, “he’d say to just go with the flow. But what if the flash floods or landslide flow in this direction?”

“Don’t worry, Ricky,” Anita reassured her son. “We’ll be fine.” She wished she believed what she was saying.

Written Paula Light’s Thursday Inspiration prompt, were the theme is “flow.” Also for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (category), MMA Storytime (pummel), Word of the Day Challenge (sad), Just Jot it January (storm), and The Daily Spur (candle).

10 thoughts on “Thursday Inspiration — Go With the Flow

  1. leigha66 January 31, 2021 / 4:14 pm

    After the derecho hit this Spring I have a little better idea of what a hurricane is like and I would not want to be in one. Great flash fiction!

    Liked by 2 people

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