Trouble in Camelot

“Dammit, Tom, where are the specifications I asked for?” Reggie asked. “I told you I needed them by Friday so that I could work on them over the weekend.

“Boss,” Tom said, “I emailed you all of the specs on Thursday morning.” Tom pulled out his iPad, tapped the screen a few times, and showed Reggie the email with the attachments.

Reggie shook his head. “I think my internet service was down because I never got them,” he said.

“But, boss,” Tom said, “I sent the email with a read receipt and it said that you opened the email at 6:18 Thursday evening.”

“Oh, right,” Reggie admitted. “You know, Tom, there’s trouble here in Camelot and I’m under intense pressure to deliver this project on time and on budget. I’m feeling somewhat muddled of late. If we fail, we’re in danger that the mucky-mucks at Camelot will pull the plug and we’ll all be out of our jobs.”

“Don’t worry, boss,” Tom said. “We can pull the team together and get this done. Those heartless bastards at HQ will get their comeuppance.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot it January prompt (specs), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (service), The Daily Spur (Camelot), Ragtag Daily Prompt (muddle), MMA Storytime (danger), and Word of the Day Challenge (comeuppance).

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