Blogging Insights — More About Prompts

Blogging insights

In this week’s edition of Blogging Insights, Dr. Tanya continues to want to know our thoughts on prompts. She asks…

Before you have written a prompt post, if you read someone else’s response that has the same idea as yours, do you abandon the project, modify it, or continue as before?

As I mentioned last week, most of the time, I don’t read other bloggers’ posted answers to prompts before I post my own, as I don’t want how others responded to the prompts to influence how I will respond. However, if I do happen to read another blogger’s response and it is similar to what I was thinking about writing for the prompt, I will go back to the proverbial drawing board and try to come up with a different angle for my response.

We are all fans of Q&A prompts. How do they spark creativity in you?

I try to come up with witty responses to the questions. But except for Fibbing Friday, where our answers are not supposed to be actual correct answers, I do answer the questions honestly, but still in a what I hope is a humorous manner.

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