Fandango’s Flashback Friday — November 27

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This was originally posted my on old blog on November 27, 2009. The good news is that ascendency of Sarah Palin, the subject of this post, never actually materialized and, except for a few times that she has resurfaced into the public light, she’s pretty much out of sight and out of mind.

She’s Back and She’s Going Rouge!

My very first post this past July on this blog was about Sarah Palin. She had just resigned in the middle of her term as the governor of Alaska. There was a lot of speculation about her sudden and unexpected resignation and about what she would do for her next act.

As much as I don’t admire Sarah Palin and her far right ideology, I admit today (as I did back in July) that she’s a savvy operator. I speculated in my musings about how Palin might spend her post-governor and pre-2012 presidential election time. I assumed that, having gotten a shot at the brass ring, she would surely make her own run at the presidency in 2012, this time without the encumbrance of some old geezer at the head of the Republican ticket.

Back in July, I suggested that Palin might bide her time until then by:

  • going on the speaking circuit,
  • becoming a nationally syndicated radio or TV talk show host,
  • becoming a Fox News TV commentator, or
  • doing all of the above.

I also predicted that, no matter what path she would choose to take, she’d rake in the big bucks. It appears that I was right about that. But I must admit that I failed to predict one way in which she would spend her then newly acquired free time. I didn’t think she would write a book, but that’s because I wasn’t sure if she knew how to read, much less to write.Yet author a book she did, though, and it’s a best seller. (And yes, in the image above, I altered the name of the book from “Going Rogue” to “Going Rouge” because, well, that’s the kind of Sarah Palin fan I am.)

Fans and fanatics are falling all over themselves to buy her book, drawn to it like flies are to shit, which is what the book is. But people these days are drawn to all kinds of oddities and curiosities, not to mention calamities and disasters.

Palin is now on a book tour, which, interestingly enough, puts her on the speaking circuit. She’s appearing on all kinds of syndicated TV and radio shows, from Oprah and Baba Walters to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. And given her popularity with the Fox News crowd and the frequent (almost constant) stories about her on that network, she might as well be a commentator for Fox News.

Raking in the big bucks she most definitely is doing. So, I was essentially correct…even though I didn’t predict that she’d write a book. But that’s just a technicality.

I will admit that it galls me that she has parlayed the spotlight that John McCain and the Republican Party shined on her last year. I think she is a charismatic woman with an ideology that is, in my humble opinion, and to use a Palinism, “bass-ackwards.” And to me, that is a dangerous combination.

There is a lot of frustration from grass roots America today about the economy and politics. Palin’s contrived and highly polished image as one of the straight-talking common folks, one of the “real” Americans, will likely resonate with many disenfranchised “middle Americans.” And by “middle Americans,” I mean the white, god-fearing, gun-toting, beer-drinking, NASCAR race-watching, tea party-attending, town hall meeting-disrupting, abortion-hating, disenfranchised-feeling Americans.

Sadly, there are a lot of such people, many of whom will buy her book, go to see and hear her speak, and potentially vote for her for the highest office in the land in three years if the economy doesn’t recover in a meaningful, “down home” way for the Joe six-packs and hockey moms of the country.

The good news is that by 2012, I’ll be almost ready to retire and, should Sarah Palin somehow become the chief executive of the United States, retirement living with my wife in the south of France or the west coast of Portugal will most definitely beckon. You betcha! <wink, wink>

18 thoughts on “Fandango’s Flashback Friday — November 27

  1. annieasksyou November 27, 2020 / 6:51 am

    Since you lived in the US through four years of you-know-who, I suspect that like many of us, your roots are deeper than you might have thought. Anyway, fortunately, the Palin nightmare now seems long ago, though it could have been a door opener for trump. Qualifications? Intelligence? Judgment? Who needs those? She’d even been a governor, so she was more qualified—sorta…

    Here’s my seasonal reminiscence.

    Liked by 2 people

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