Lock Him Up!

“Can your imagine his temerity to proclaim that he won the election when he definitively lost?” Jerry asked.

“It’s highly irregular, that’s for sure,” Steve agreed. “But what steps can we take?”

“I think that rather than letting him continue his delusional rage,” Jerry said, “the FBI should go to the White House, put him in handcuffs, and lock him up.”Steve smiled and started chanting, “LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!”

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (temerity), Your Daily Word Prompt (proclaim), The Daily Spur (irregular), Ragtag Daily Prompt (steps), and MMA Storytime (rage).

24 thoughts on “Lock Him Up!

  1. slmret November 21, 2020 / 3:14 pm

    Have you noticed how his hair color has changed since the beginning of the month?!

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    • Marleen November 22, 2020 / 2:38 pm

      Do you think this is like a man who has previously shown no trouble walking showing up to court with a cane and his attorney(s) arguing he shouldn’t be given too many years in prison?

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      • slmret November 22, 2020 / 2:48 pm

        I actually had an experience similar to that in a jury duty call. A man was suing his eye doctor for his blindness — came in with hands on the shoulders of his son. He sat through the voir dire, and went home for the night — next morning he had withdrawn his suit — he walked calmly out of the courtroom without his son! I think you may have something there!

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  2. Aimee Nekoranik November 21, 2020 / 5:20 pm

    About a year or so ago, my grandson who was 5 years old at the time, was watching Trump rant and carry on about something on the news and turned to me and said…”Mimi, what is he even talking about? He doesn’t make any sense….”. Personally, I think it says a whole hell of a lot when a 5 year old has more intelligence than the man-child who is running the country! Ha 😏

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      • Aimee Nekoranik November 21, 2020 / 10:43 pm

        He’s such an embarrassment, I swear lol. It’s literally mind blowing that he doesn’t see how idiotic his behavior is. Not to mention how uneducated he sounds the second he opens his mouth. Hell, he doesn’t even need to speak, that heavy creepy breathing sounds stupid too.

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  3. rugby843 November 21, 2020 / 7:43 pm

    I was thinking lock her up appropriate for the GSA head

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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    • Fandango November 21, 2020 / 10:34 pm

      Yes, she, too, should be locked up!


  4. Vic Crain November 21, 2020 / 8:15 pm

    I suspect Trump will flee the country before his term expires. However, there’s a cadre of his followers who should be jail bound. As the saying goes, your mouth to God’s ears!

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  5. human59 November 22, 2020 / 2:53 am

    Bastard Demos will be trying to brainwash the world as usual.How stupid Demos are.What a lot of idiots you all are and I don’t care if you hate me too for saying this.

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    • Fandango November 22, 2020 / 11:45 am

      Wow. I don’t hate you, I feel sorry for you. I think you should stay out of politics and opining about things you know nothing about. Stick with your dolls, who are probably about as smart as you are.

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  6. human59 November 22, 2020 / 2:42 pm

    In a free world I can say what I want. If I were not a lady I would say a hell of a lot more. Stupid lefties but I can’t be bothered. I don’t feel sorry for you lot. You don’t know what I know since you don’t personally know me so why don’t you go away instead and find something to play with. I will not make any suggestions as to what.


    • Fandango November 22, 2020 / 3:08 pm

      Yes, you can say anything you want. But “stupid lefties” is not exactly a good way to start a meaningful dialogue. Then again, based upon your earlier comment, having a meaningful dialogue was never your intention. As to your can’t being bothered, you can unburden yourself by not reading or commenting on my blog. Yes, you’re right, I don’t personally know you, and for that I am grateful. You’re not anyone I would have any desire to personally get to know. And, finally, based upon your last sentence, I don’t think you’re much of a lady. So run along and play with your dolls. Have a meaningful dialogue with them.

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      • human59 November 23, 2020 / 7:33 am

        Typical answer that I expected to get. Sticks and stones. Dolls probably are going to make more sense than you. I am glad you are upset.

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        • Fandango November 23, 2020 / 7:47 am

          Since you got the “typical answer that [you] expected,” I assume that I have heard the last from you, since neither my posts nor my comments are your cup of tea. And, FYI, I’m not upset. I’m mildly amused by (1) your belligerence and (2) your ignorance. Have fun playing with your dollies.


          • human59 November 23, 2020 / 5:06 pm

            I am overjoyed to receive another of your wonderful messages. I am blessed.

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            • Fandango November 23, 2020 / 5:30 pm

              Seems like you’re one of those people who always needs to have the last word. Yeah, me too.

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  7. human59 November 23, 2020 / 5:36 pm

    For the sport of it normally. It has been very entertaining since I am stuck home with no car. I can’t wait for your next comment.

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    • Fandango November 23, 2020 / 9:58 pm

      I’m so very pleased that you find a “bastard demo” and “stupid lefty” like little old me to be so entertaining. Why bless your little heart for saying such a nice thing to a misguided idiot like me while you’re stuck at home with no car. Poor baby. I’m happy to be of service.


  8. human59 November 23, 2020 / 10:42 pm

    Wow you area mean and bitter old dear. Poor poor you.I will take out the violins.


  9. leigha66 November 27, 2020 / 2:34 pm

    I had one of my Republican friends post about the “fraud election” yesterday… I just scroll on by and let him have his delusions for a bit longer. The truth is already out,

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