User Error

I still cannot “like” or comment on many of your posts when I access them from my reader on my iPhone. I’m sorry, because I do read your posts and I can “like” them if I read them in the reader view, which is not ideal because in reader view, much of your formatting is not displayed as it is when I view them on your site.But now, after the latest update to the iOS app was installed on my iPhone earlier this week, when I actually click on “Visit” to go to your site from within the reader, not only can’t I “like” them, I can only comment on your posts if I enter — each time — my name, my email address, and my blog’s URL.And that’s a real pain, since the app should know who I am without my having to reenter my credentials.

Well, the Happiness Engineers at WordPress have gotten back to me on what appears to be a bug in the latest version of the app for iOS. I have been exchanging messages with various “Happiness Engineers,” and it has come down to being told that “the issue you’re experiencing seems like it’s not an app issue.” Oh, I get it. It must be a user error. I must have broken something when the update to the app was automatically installed onto my iPhone one night when I was asleep. Yep, it’s not them, it’s me.


I wrote back and said…

This was NEVER an issue within the WordPress iOS app on my iPhone until Version 16.0 was installed. I could “visit” posts from the reader of those who commented or linked to my posts and the app knew who I was and that I was actively logged on to WordPress. Thus, I could like their posts and I could post comments without having to enter my name, email address, and my blog’s URL each time.

But with the latest update, that is no longer the case. In your release notes for version 16.0 of the iOS app, you specifically pointed out that the reader was “redesigned” and “refreshed” to include “a number of changes….” Since the issue I’m having in the redesigned and refreshed reader didn’t occur before you redesigned and refreshed it, I cannot accept your conclusion that it’s not an app issue. What else can it possibly be? Up until the update to the app was installed on my iPhone, I wasn’t experiencing this issue on the app at all.

Please escalate this issue to your most tech savvy gurus who are responsible for the iOS app. I’m very unhappy and upset and between forcing the damn block editor down our throats and this latest issue in the “redesigned and refreshed” reader, blogging on WordPress is becoming more of a burden than an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


I’ll let you know what happens, but I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, I once again apologize for being unable to like and comment on many of your posts.

33 thoughts on “User Error

  1. newepicauthor November 6, 2020 / 11:51 am

    I have gotten a lot of likes from you on my posts, but not many comments lately.

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    • Fandango November 6, 2020 / 12:20 pm

      That’s because, when I visit your blog, in order to comment I have to enter my credentials each time. I can comment on your comments on my posts, like I’m doing now, and I can like your posts when I read them from my reader (but don’t go to your actual site). This whole thing is a pain in the ass.

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  2. rugby843 November 6, 2020 / 12:14 pm

    I have received a notice to update my iPad with the new iOS but now I’m freaking out about doing so🤯. Everything is working ok, probably just jinxed it by writing that . . .but my phone is android and has the same problem you do.  My Reader is sometimes three or more days late also.  Pita!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

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    • Fandango November 6, 2020 / 1:16 pm

      My advice: do not update your iPad to iOS version 16.0.


  3. Melanie B Cee November 6, 2020 / 2:00 pm

    Here’s hoping they fix things. But what am I saying??! I doubt they know how to fix it, that’s why they keep passing the buck back to you. My condolences. It’s frustrating to have to do that ALL THE TIME. I have to do it now and then, even on my own blog; but it’s fairly rare. Every single comment? I’d want someone’s head on a pike!

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  4. Paula Light November 6, 2020 / 7:11 pm

    So annoying. I just had to visit a post of Melanie’s because my app reader refused to open it!

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  5. Sadje November 6, 2020 / 7:17 pm

    When will they stop fixing things that were working okay.

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  6. Lisa M. Boyd November 6, 2020 / 8:16 pm

    Mine updated 2 days ago, and WP changed drastically for me. Very frustrating. I just was maybe getting some things down. Now changed on me again.

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    • Fandango November 6, 2020 / 10:53 pm

      I suppose the never heard the expression, “Leave well enough alone.”

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  7. Marilyn Armstrong November 6, 2020 / 8:34 pm

    I’m having trouble staying online at all and it’s not JUST WP. It’s also Google and Charter who supplies my WiFi. Everything is overwhelmed. Servers are overwhelmed. ISPs are dying in place.

    You also got a moron at WordPress. Start over. There ARE some smart ones there. I’ve gotten the morons and I’ve gotten the really good ones. DON’T GIVVE UP!

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  8. Dorinda Duclos November 7, 2020 / 7:07 pm

    I’m going to guess that the Happiness (cough) Engineers haven’t gotten their you know what together when IOS 14 came out. So many apps had trouble. Actually, I am having this issue on my phone but only if I try to get there from email. But it must be me, right? I’m amazed WordPress is even up and running with the techs (and I use the term loosely) they have working there. My reader is fine, hope yours gets fixed soon.

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  9. leigha66 November 14, 2020 / 3:42 pm

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The happiness engineers need to have something to do so maybe they intentionally do it. So frustrating for you I am sure. Best of luck getting it fixed.

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