The Raid

“So did the, uh, merchandise arrive?” Vito asked as he walked into the warehouse.

“Yeah, boss,” Vinnie said. “I checked the order and it’s all here and laid out on that table over there.”

“Good. There was some speculation about Jimmy’s loyalty,” Vito said.

“Oh no, boss,” Vinnie said. “I can vouch for Jimmy. He is in awe of you. There’s no way he’d do anything that could topple your empire. He knows that you’re the big boss of a wide swath of the city.”

“I’m glad that allegation is baseless. I wouldn’t have wanted to, you know, fire him,” Vito said.

Suddenly the large door to the warehouse opened up and a dozen or so G-men rushed in. “Nobody move,” the lead FBI agent shouted. He walked up to Vito and said, “Well, Vito, it looks like we got you red-handed with the goods. I knew that if we stalked you and your gang of miscreants long enough, we’d nail you.”

Vito looked around and saw Jimmy, Vito’s arms supplier, standing behind the federal agents. “Jimmy, you snitch, you’re a dead man,” Vito yelled. “I shoulda known that those allegations about you being a stool pigeon where true.”

The lead FBI agent laughed as he put the handcuffs around Vito’s wrists. “Oh come on, Vito,” he said. “I heard you love happy endings.”

Written for these two days worth of daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Daily Prompt (merchandise/allegation), Word of the Day Challenge (order/stalk), The Daily Spur (order/endings), Ragtag Daily Prompt (topple/swath), and Your Daily Word Prompt (speculation/awe).n

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    And a few more guns kept off the streets.

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