MLMM Saturday Mix — Plan B

“That bitch really knows how to make an entrance,” Gregg said. “Look at the way she’s sashaying around the room and sticking her hand out to make sure everyone can see her engagement ring. You’d think she’d wait a respectable amount of time after we got divorced before she comes waltzing in here flashing that diamond and telling everyone that she’s getting married to that young gigolo hanging on her arm.”

“Calm down, Gregg,” Ellen said. “I’m sure she’s making a show of it because you’re here with me, the home wrecker, as she calls me. After all, the reason you two aren’t together anymore is because she found about our affair. This is just her way of getting retribution.”

“Well I don’t like it,” Gregg said. “It’s humiliating.”

“Be the bigger person, Gregg,” Ellen suggested. “Let’s go over and say hello to the happy couple, congratulate the two of them, and wish them well. Be nonchalant, and let her think that it’s no skin off your nose that she’s marrying that jerk.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Ellen,” Gregg said. “Besides, you’re younger, prettier, sexier, and smarter than she is and I’m easily better looking than he is. She’ll be mortified.

“Or maybe you and I should just go back to your place for some hot and steamy sex,” Ellen said. “All your talk about how pretty, sexy, and smart I am has gotten me a bit worked up.”

“I like your plan B, Ellen,” Gregg said, and the two headed hand in hand for the exit.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix — Opposing Forces. The idea is to use the two sets of opposing words in our response: “divorced” and “married,” and “exit” and “entrance.”

7 thoughts on “MLMM Saturday Mix — Plan B

  1. hank77 September 26, 2020 / 8:58 pm


    Getting even is an expression of success. It is however a false hope as lots of things can happen as one goes along. Better to keep it under wraps but enjoying the triumph on the quiet!


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