Hunters and Gatherers

Sales Support“Some of us were born to be hunters,” Wayne said “and some were born to be gatherers, Abe. I’m a hunter and you’re a gatherer. Were it not for me, you’d starve.”

Abe, who was staring out of the window of Wayne’s office on the 44th floor of the Manattan office tower, turned around to face Wayne. “I’d starve without you?” he said. “That’s a pretty intense way of saying that without you, I’m nothing. Well aren’t you fantabulous, Wayne? Maybe you expect me to get down on one knee and kiss the ring on your extended hand.”

“Abe, I’m not saying that you don’t contribute to our success,” Wayne said. “After all, we are members of the same team, right? It’s just that I’m the salesman and you’re the sales support guy. I’m the one who goes out to beat the bushes to drive the prey our way. Once I get them here, your role is to show them our solution and get them to see its value. But were it not for me, in my role as the hunter, you’d be sitting in the office twiddling your thumbs. You get that, right?

“Well, that was quite a motivational speech, Wayne,” Abe said. “I’m ecstatic at being seen by you as your lackey. But anyway you look at it, I’m the wind beneath your wings, buddy. You bring in the prospective customers using your unbounded charisma, but once you get them here, it’s me, in my role as the subject matter expert, who really closes the deal. Without my knowledge and deep expertise, and my ability to show your prey, as you call them, the ways in which our solution will address their needs in an efficient and cost effective way, it would be you, my friend, who would starve.”

Wayne gave Abe an incredulous look. “Well, whatever you have to say to yourself to make you feel better about your role.”

“What I have to say to you is that you’re very good at hunting for prospective clients, but I’m the one who makes it possible to gather their business,” Abe said. “And with that said, Wayne, I quit. I wish you luck with these clients, because once they take your bait, you’re clueless about how to reel them in.”

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (hunter), The Daily Spur (window), Your Daily Word Prompt (intense), Ragtag Daily Prompt (fantabulous), Jibber Jabber (members), and Word of the Day Challenge (ecstatic).

22 thoughts on “Hunters and Gatherers

    • Fandango August 31, 2020 / 5:13 pm

      When I was working, my role was like Abe’s and I worked with a lot of Waynes.

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  1. Stine Writing August 31, 2020 / 5:18 pm

    Good for Abe. He is exactly right! That whole idea of partners can get tricky because it ends up being a one to one competition.

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  2. Marleen August 31, 2020 / 6:20 pm

    🤬 Yeah, Wayne; you figure it out.

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  3. imagineambition August 31, 2020 / 6:58 pm

    Goes perfectly with my graduate class called , “Leadership and Teams.”

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  4. Sadje August 31, 2020 / 7:04 pm

    This is great story Fandango.

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  5. lyncrain August 31, 2020 / 7:26 pm

    Enjoyed the story Fandango. I would have pushed Wayne off a pier, just saying.

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    • Fandango August 31, 2020 / 10:30 pm

      I was thinking about having Abe throw Wayne out of the window on his 44th floor office, but then I thought better of it.

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  6. lyncrain September 1, 2020 / 4:40 am

    Yeah, that would have been too convenient 🤣

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  7. Carol anne September 6, 2020 / 12:38 am

    hey fandango! I liked this! Very cool story! 😊👍

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  8. leigha66 September 7, 2020 / 1:52 am

    Wayne will learn pretty quick how valuable Abe was.

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