Reblog — Prepositions of Place

Jim has asked me to reblog this post because he apparently screwed up the timing of its publication and wants to make sure no one misses it. And since Jim is a buddy, I’m happy to oblige.

A Unique Title For Me

I made a mistake by publishing this post a bit early this week, but I can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube now, so let’s just roll with it.  It is always good to have a reference point, so that you know where you are came from, or where you are going to.  Prepositions of place are used to describe the location of something relative to something else.  Many objects are defined as being at a point, or in an area, or on a surface.  When something is not very far away in distance, it would be nearby, next to, or beside you.  When things are separated by space, then that means this thing is between two places, people or objects, or inside of a place, or within a region.  Objects that are outside of a contained area, may be behind or in front, or above or below the…

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