Blogging Insights — My Device

Blogging insightsIn this week’s edition of Blogging Insights, Dr. Tanya wants to know what devices we use for blogging. She asks:

What device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) do you find most useful for blogging and why?

I use my iPhone for my blogging close to 100% of the time. Why? Primarily because it’s extremely portable. I’m not tethered to a desktop computer. And even though a laptop is somewhat portable, it has its portability limitations. With my iPhone I can be composing posts, reading what other bloggers have posted, and commenting on other’s posts from anywhere. I don’t need a keyboard or a mouse, either.

I can blog

…in bed.

….while sitting on the toilet.

…from the living room sofa while my wife is watching “Sleepless in Seattle,” “You’ve Got Mail,”  “Pretty Woman,” or any one of the many romantic comedies she loves and has already seen dozens of times.

…from the backyard.

…while riding a bus.

…or sitting in a taxicab.

…in the waiting room in a doctor’s or dentist’s office.

…at the DMV.

…in the car (when someone else is driving).

…while sitting on a bench at the park.

Yes, with my iPhone I can blog from anywhere!

16 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — My Device

    • Fandango July 13, 2020 / 1:30 pm

      You don’t need any more examples? Are you sure? 😉


  1. bikerchick57 July 13, 2020 / 7:49 am

    I could never solely blog on a smart phone, but whatever works for you is perfect.

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  2. drtanya@saltedcaramel July 13, 2020 / 9:33 am

    I am entirely with you on this. My smartphone by virtue of its continuous availability becomes my device of choice.
    I share your wife’s enthusiasm for rom-coms. All of these are my favourites too. I have seen You’ve Got Mail dozens of times and it never fails as a mood elevator.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. leigha66 July 15, 2020 / 12:22 pm

    I have written some poems on my phone, but never done a post through the app. I am on my laptop a good portion of the day, so that just works best for me. However I have been known to read and respond to comments on my phone at times.

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