A Rhetorical Question

2F163B24-41FA-41C7-AA25-6AC9CE320F15The above headline showed up on my iPhone’s newsfeed last night.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic that has infected more than 2.5 million Americans and killed close to 128,000, and with new cases continuing to surge — as of yesterday the U.S. had hit a new record for daily coronavirus cases — Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), telling the Court that “the entire ACA must fall.”

Trump has pledged to follow through on his 2016 campaign promise to overturn Obamacare, a program that expanded by more than 20 million the number of Americans with health insurance, despite the ongoing pandemic. The White House brushed aside concerns about how dismantling Obamacare during the pandemic could worsen the crises, saying, “A global pandemic does not change what Americans know: Obamacare has been an unlawful failure and further illustrates the need to focus on patient care.”

Is that really what most Americans know? Of course not. In fact, the popularity of Obamacare is at an all-time high. Around 55% of Americans support the ACA. Most Americans are against the dismantling of Obamacare. Especially since Trump and the GOP have yet to come with anything that would be better than Obamacare.

What kind of sadistic bastard is Donald Trump to want to get rid of Obamacare when America is in the throes of its worse health crisis in 100 years?

That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

20 thoughts on “A Rhetorical Question

  1. msjadeli June 26, 2020 / 10:04 am

    Fandango, haven’t you figured out that, very similar to the dynamics of a domestic violence relationship, the batterer has to be in the forefront of everyone’s mind at all times? There is no room for anything but increasingly desensitized shock in the non-magas and is by now a conditioned response to ignore the cognitive dissonance that rattles the heads of the magas? Have you ever read the book or watched the movie, “The Witches of Eastwick”? The witches are the magas and he is the devil in the plot. As long as he’s being responded to in any way, good/bad/ugly he gets his energy fix. Like in the movie once he is ignored and rejected he turns back into the slimy creature from hell he is and poof gone (mostly.)

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    • Fandango June 26, 2020 / 11:25 pm

      Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen that movie, but now you’ve got me intrigued.

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    • Fandango June 26, 2020 / 11:40 pm

      And you used to be at least a little optimistic, too. But you’re right. There’s nothing left to say and little, it seems, that can be done.


  2. XingfuMama June 26, 2020 / 4:09 pm

    It is just meanness, pure and simple. There is no cost to the government since the insurance is all private, so there isn’t even a fiscal responsibility argument in favor of it.

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    • Marleen June 26, 2020 / 4:55 pm

      It is meanness; and they’ve thrown the fiscal responsibility facade out the window in general anyway.

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    • Fandango June 26, 2020 / 11:45 pm

      No, it’s just that Trump is so insecure and he hates Obama, is jealous of him, and wants to destroy everything good that Obama did.


  3. Lisa Coleman June 26, 2020 / 6:31 pm

    There are many more rhetorical questions too like why the hell wasnt he impeached? We wouldn’t be in this dire situation and Pence might have some balls to speak the truth instead of that rubbish he stood up there and said today! Thanks for letting me vent! 🙃

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    • Fandango June 26, 2020 / 11:49 pm

      He actually was impeached, but the spineless Republican senators refused to convict him. And Pence? What a tool he is.

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      • Lisa Coleman June 27, 2020 / 3:34 pm

        Yeah and I believe he is Trump’s fall guy when the COVID19 numbers get out of control. Oh wait…our numbers are out of control. Only a matter of time. Ugh!

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