Share Your World — Crime and Punishment

Share Your WorldMelanie, at Sparks from a Combustible Mind, has Law & Order: Criminal Intent on her mind for this week’s Share Your World episode.

Have you ever ‘dined and dashed” (i.e., eaten the meal and then run out the restaurant door without paying)?

I’m ashamed to admit it, but back in high school, my buddy and I would go to a Hot Shoppes restaurant and we’d each order a Mighty Mo sandwich (a Big Mac precursor), French fries with gravy, and a Coke. When we were done, we’d go to the restroom, which was on the lower level, and then, after doing our business, walk back upstairs and exit the restaurant.F59043E5-B447-4F12-90FD-DA868FB68C1B

Have you ever been in a car accident and either left the scene of the accident (providing it was a fender bender and not serious) or denied culpability for causing it when you did, (if it were minor or serious)?

I’ve been in car accidents, but as to leaving the scene of the accident, no. Well, other than after lightly tapping another car’s bumper while trying to squeeze into or maneuvering out of a tight parking spot.

Have you ever found a wallet or purse or some money (over $20) in the street and just taken it, thinking ‘finders keepers, losers weepers’? Or would you be ‘good’ and hand it in?

If I found a wallet or a purse, and there was some identification in it, I’d either try to contact the owner or I’d take it to the nearest police station. That said, if I found a $20 bill on the sidewalk, I’d pick it up and go to the nearest convenience store and buy $20 worth of Powerball tickets.

What was the last thing you stole or shoplifted?

In high school I shoplifted a live chameleon from a pet store at a mall…and got caught.D4B35C74-39DA-4478-B920-2DDDA04738A9

8 thoughts on “Share Your World — Crime and Punishment

  1. Melanie B Cee June 22, 2020 / 11:16 am

    Thanks Fandango for Sharing Your World. I hope you didn’t try stuffing the chameleon down your trousers, because that seems like possible injury to insult or something… O_o Great answers btw and thank you for being willing to share them! 😀

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  2. Marleen June 22, 2020 / 3:58 pm

    1) I have never dined and dashed. There is one time I do wish I had walked out in plain sight with one of my children (a young adult then), instead of paying. (There had been a piece of wire from a crate in my food.)

    2) I have never left the scene of an accident or denied being the cause or part of the cause if I was the cause (or part). I don’t remember ever being the cause where anyone else was involved rather than ice or such.

    3) I would only turn the money in if there was some kind of identification. Or if there was news put out with an identifying connection like the color of the purse (were there a 👜). This has never happened in my life.

    4) I have never stolen anything (unless using someone’s shampoo without asking first counts) or shoplifted. One of my five-year-olds once took a roll of medical tape from a grocery store; I made him take it back in.

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  3. leigha66 June 24, 2020 / 11:41 pm

    So I am curious, where did you get in the most trouble for attempting to steal the chameleon – the store, home with your parents or the cops (if called)? I always knew I would be in more trouble at home rather than the other two if I tried to steal something. Good answers though Fandango!.


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