Share Your World — Motivational Flavors

Share Your WorldMelanie brings us another edition of Share Your World. Today she wants to know our thoughts on motivational speakers, flavors, rustling in the bushes, and climate.

What do you think of professional motivational speakers? Do you think they motivate?

ProSolutions National 2006To me, it’s all a bunch of happy talk bullshit and all it motivates me to do is to vomit in my mouth. But I’m a cynical skeptic, so there’s that.

Do you have a favorite flavor?

A favorite flavor of what? To be honest, since I lost my sense of taste after middle ear surgery at the end of last year, any flavor that I could actually taste would be my favorite flavor.

While out walking, you hear a rustling in some bushes. What do you think of?

Speaking of the middle ear surgery I had late last year, I can no longer hear anything out of my left ear, so if the bushes were on my left, I wouldn’t be able to hear any rustling. If the bushes were on my right side, I’d think, Hey, I actually hear rustling in those bushes. Cool!

What’s your ideal temperature (nature-wise)? Hot, cold, temperate and mild, humid, or bone dry?

One of the things I liked best about living in San Francisco was the climate. It was temperate, rarely getting into the 80s in the summer or down into the 40s in the winter. Year round, typical daytime temperatures ranged from highs in the mid-fifties to the low-seventies. Today’s high in the section of San Francisco that we used to live in will be 66°F. Delightful.

In February we move just 35 miles away to the east side of the San Francisco Bay. In February and March, the low temperatures just before dawn occasionally dipped below freezing. And starting in May, we’ve had around a half-dozen days already where the late afternoon highs reached 100 or more. Today’s high here is projected to be in the upper 80s. Too damn hot!

17 thoughts on “Share Your World — Motivational Flavors

  1. KC June 15, 2020 / 10:35 am

    Your answers made me chuckle. Regarding the last one; sounds like a bad move. I hope other aspects of your life make up for it.

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  2. Sadje June 15, 2020 / 12:22 pm

    What a difference mere 35 miles made. Temperate weather is the best.

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong June 15, 2020 / 1:48 pm

    I’m sorry your hearing has turned out so badly. Is it likely to improve? Would hearing aids help?

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    • Fandango June 15, 2020 / 10:18 pm

      I’ll need to have a second surgery to insert a prosthetic bone in the middle ear if I ever want to hear out of my left ear again. The doc said a hearing aid MIGHT help, but then the whole coronavirus thing happened, so I didn’t have a chance to look into it. Now I’ll wait to see when the second surgery can be scheduled. Or I might look into that same thing that Garry got, that cochlear implant.


  4. Marleen June 15, 2020 / 4:48 pm

    One favorite flavor I haven’t tasted in a while is saffron.

    If I heard rustling in bushes, I’d think rabbit, bird, squirrel, or dog?

    If swimming, my favorite temperature might be 95. If not swimming, say 75.

    Oh, yeah; I do NOT like the idea of motivational speakers. However… did like Leo Buscaglia.

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  5. shail June 15, 2020 / 8:57 pm

    I must be a cynical skeptic too considering I have the exact same reaction to motivational speakers and the bullshit they spout.

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    • Fandango June 15, 2020 / 10:45 pm

      They’re a bunch of contemporary snake oil salesmen (and saleswomen).

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  6. Ruth June 16, 2020 / 1:08 am

    That’s absolutely the best answer I’ve read yet about motivational speakers! Ha ha ha ha… 😀

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  7. Carol anne June 16, 2020 / 11:11 am

    Can I move to sanfrancisco? and you can come to ireland, our temps this afternoon is 66 f! we’re expecting rain tonight and a lot of it!

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  8. Melanie B Cee June 16, 2020 / 11:35 am

    Thanks Fandango, for Sharing Your World!! I’m with you on the motivational speaker question. I’ve been to far too many (courtesy of my now deceased hubby) and developed a cynical disregard for them, whatever they say or are trying to sell. I always think “Okay, what are they SELLING?” It’s a waste of time for me personally. I never buy. I don’t go or listen to such any longer either (although I do enjoy a TED Talk now and then. But I don’t consider those people ‘motivational’ speakers either exactly). I hope your ear woes get solved soon. I’ve mentioned before that it would totally suck not being able to taste anything. That’s something one ought to be grateful for, but we never think about it. The rustling bushes answer was priceless!! 😆 No-one (so far, I still have twenty SYW to get through though) has picked my own answer to that. Rustling in the bushes would mean someone was having some private time with their partner and so I wouldn’t look. To spare their blushes and mine! 😆 I’m also sorry you left San Francisco, but maybe the reward (being near your family) is worth the unpleasant weather changes?

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    • Fandango June 16, 2020 / 11:06 pm

      Yes, it’s worth having left San Francisco to be closer to family. After having just found out today that my COVID-19 test was negative, I’m going tomorrow for my first in-person visit your my new grandson, who is now 3 1/2 weeks old.


  9. leigha66 June 17, 2020 / 12:08 am

    One of the Christmas parties I went to with my ex for his company had a motivational speaker one year. She had a few funny lines but other than that I was not impressed. And Tony Robbins? No one should smile that much!

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