I feel the same way and couldn’t possibly have said it any better than Marilyn did, so here’s what she posted earlier today.

Trump is an awful man. I can’t seem to find something positive to say about him and for me, that’s unusual. I can always empathize, even with very …


4 thoughts on “Reblog: ON THE UPCOMING 50th ANNIVERSARY OF EARTH DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Marleen April 6, 2020 / 2:31 pm

    I’m feeling pretty politically overwhelmed, today. Both “sides” — as if Republicans/Libertarians and Democrats are really two sides — fell for simple things like abortion. My side is for, or my side is against… and not much else has to be thought through other than working hard or “playing by the rules” so you don’t fall under the wheels. I know this might not be popular to say, but I’m taking the liberty since good ol’ Billy included birth control in his lyrics. Both libertarians (at least most of them, even though they tend Republican, of the current American style rather than a more populist kind for people) and Democrats affirm a woman having control of her body or her health care decisions. Little-known secret, Republicans pushed abortion (for economic and population [control] reasons) until it was seen as more politically advantageous to go another way. And then everyone (in terms of large groups if not all individuals) started drifting to the economic right… further and further.

    Now the “kids” (y and z) largely don’t see a future for or affordability in having children (which isn’t necessarily about abortion but is a real decision based on contraception). No one (again in terms of large groups) has been watching out for the survivability of more than say the top five percent, maybe ten. In fact, the desperation is a boon to the psychopaths and sociopaths who tend to be at the upper reaches of this (and enablers). To top it all off: today, an advertising banner ran across a website where I was taking in information. When I’m looking at lefty news, the ads tend to be righty. The words said that home test kits are available to determine, at an early phase, sex of a fetus. You know what this is about? First of all, note that it is pharma — so lobbies right. Second, our current Supreme Court (after the additions of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh) came out with decisions, not long ago, that states can mandate fetuses be buried but also can allow for abortion based on sex!

    This is the best book I’ve read on the topic (not extremely recent, though):

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  2. Marleen April 6, 2020 / 5:21 pm

    Amanpour and Company — Republican Strategist: “… that’s a short walk to Jim Jones.”

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    • Marleen April 7, 2020 / 2:31 pm

      I might be a bit off-topic, now (with the following article), but it pertains to another drug Trump is pushing (not about c-19). This link was provided from the website militarytimes[dot]com:

      But not everyone was convinced — far from it. The drug’s heightened profile has unleashed a storm of questions from academics, psychiatrists, and health researchers who have concerns about Spravato: how it was approved, how well it works, whether it is safe, how much it costs, and whether it’s right for veterans. The discussion has surfaced some unsettling concerns:

      ~ The FDA abandoned a longstanding procedure of requiring two successful short-term trials before approving anti-depression drugs. Instead, when this drug showed itself to be no better than placebo in two of three short-term trials, the FDA accepted the one successful trial, adding on another and different type of trial that some say was deeply flawed.

      ~ Even though the drug is being hurried into use by the VA, some psychiatrists and researchers say the evidence from trials does not demonstrate that the drug is effective on people over 65 — or possibly even on males. The VA’s patient population is 90 percent male and 52 percent over 65.

      ~ During several years of trials, six people who had been treated with the drug died, as opposed to none on placebos. Three of the deaths were suicides. The FDA said it was difficult to conclude that the deaths were caused by the drug. Still, noted one psychiatrist, “It’s not heading in the direction supporting protection from suicides.”


      The dangers of treatment — mainly dissociation, hallucinations, sleepiness, and blood-pressure hikes — are so significant that patients must stay in the doctor’s office for two hours after receiving their Spravato infusion. The office must be equipped with equipment to deal with hallucinatory, cardiac, and respiratory problems. “A wonder drug? I think it’s a wonder that anybody thinks it’s a wonder drug,” said Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Center for Health Research, a nonpartisan institute that studies science and health in Washington, DC.

      How the president learned of the drug and how exactly his enthusiasm was communicated to the VA remains a mystery. The White House declined to answer questions on that subject, as did the VA. Johnson & Johnson, and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals which makes the drug, had been partnering with the VA on anti-suicide programs as Spravato was being developed. J&J was also working with a trio of Trump associates from his Mar-a-Lago club who have influenced VA policies. The three associates did not return phone calls and messages from the Center. But Spravato’s momentum continues. Last week Bloomberg reported that Trump, in a meeting with VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, offered to help the VA negotiate purchases of the drug from Janssen. Trump trumpeted the drug’s efficacy, saying, “You have people calling for help and if those people had that, I’m hearing like instantaneously they’re in better shape.”

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