Blogging Insights — Timing Is Everything

Blogging insightsDr.Tanya, at Salted Caramel, is looking for us to share more of our blogging insights. This time she wants to know our thoughts on timing.

1. How frequently do you post on your blog?

My posting frequency has dropped from 4-6 posts a day to 2-3 posts a day since having my ear surgery in late December and then moving into our new house in early February. At this point, I’m more likely to continue posting two to three times a day than returning to the four to six I used to post.

2. Do you believe there are optimum posting times and days?

I post two to three times a day, so everyday is optimal for posting. As to the times most of my posts my posts are published, I schedule my daily prompt word posts for midnight my time and usually have a post ready to go around 3 or 4 am and another one sometime later in the morning. If I’m feeling ambitious, I might post one later in the day.

3. Do you like to schedule your posts in advance? How many posts and how far ahead do you usually schedule?

EBDFE548-52BA-451A-B574-393EC64B3432I schedule my daily word prompts up to two weeks in advance. Most of my other prompts (flash fiction challenge, provocative question, Friday flashback) are scheduled a day or two in advance. Otherwise, all other posts are composed on the day they are published.

9 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — Timing Is Everything

  1. Sadje March 23, 2020 / 8:04 pm

    You’re a good planner. I have never seen a late or missed prompt

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  2. Taswegian1957 March 23, 2020 / 8:04 pm

    I think two or three posts a day is fine. I don’t post every day. Sometimes I can manage a run of several days in a row but if I don’t I try not to stress about it. I always post a fashion doll photo on our doll blog every Friday. I have been doing it for a few years now and I feel that readers expect to see it. I often have a photo session and write a couple of extra posts to be scheduled later with those.

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong March 23, 2020 / 9:03 pm

    I’m finally down to usually three posts a day, two photographic and one written. Except when I don’t or when someone else writes a piece for me (oh thank, you thank you co-writers!).

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  4. Stroke Survivor UK March 24, 2020 / 12:12 am

    I like to post just once a day, because I figure there is a limit to how much people can take of me 🙂. I schedule my regular piece but I have been making a conscious effort during the virus to write “live”.

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